Busy busy day!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

9 days left to my wedding! Super busy today as my future in laws came to visit with a basket of alcohol, fruits and other things. I was a little nervous as we has really little time left. My mum went to London and travel around Europe for a month. She just came back yesterday! I should have gone on a wedding-moon kind of thing instead of the traditional Chinese wedding! But still it is not just up to me :(

Selfie today
We spent the whole day today to visit our neighbors, relatives and friends to distribute the wedding invitation cards as well as the biscuits/cakes (to be given to relatives and friends on bride's side). We were super busy from 7 am and did not even had time for breakfast and lunch. We finally took a break at around 3 pm for our first meal. We had a little rest for about an hour or two and we continue making calls to confirm on the attendance. After dinner, we went visiting around again! Just came back at around 11:30 pm!

We already started making calls about two to three months ago... a lot of them say they will go but when we went there to distribute the cards and biscuits, they all change their mind. Maybe something came up but we have already reserved so many tables and even booked the bus for them to go to JB. We understand that it is far. Now that they all say that they will not go, no one will be taking the bus! What should I do? I only have 9 days left! Please don't drive me crazy >.<

These are the biscuits/cakes to be distributed!
A lot of things happen recently... I cannot believe a person can be so heartless... Ignoring our question when we did nothing wrong... After giving the invitation card and biscuits, she did not respond as well... but after we left, she ask a middle person to call us to inform us to get the card and biscuits back because she is not going... She could have told us face to face. I really don't mind! Wasting out time and energy XD

Such a heartless and childish way to act as a grown up who is nearly 40 years old! I am totally impressed... There is no word to describe her...

 I just need to let out my frustration today!

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