Review: Meishoku Placenta Whitening Eye Cream

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Today I will be reviewing an eye cream that was ranked number 1 on cosme.
I bought it for that reason. lol


Placenta Whitening Eye Cream

880 yen


It comes in a simple blue tube. 

The eye cream has a light medicinal kind of scent. 

It looks like a thick cream but spreads like a gel.

This eye cream is easy to spread. It feels sticky and oily upon application. It does not sink in immediately maybe because it is heavier than gel eye creams. I have been using this for more than a year and I think there is still half of the product left. A little does goes a long way, but I did not see any effect from using this other than hydration. I hope it will reduce the appearance of my dark circles but I think it doesn't. It may be my fault to begin with since I stay up late every single day. lol.

A little goes a long way
Provides decent hydration
Easy to spread

Scent is not my cup of tea
No effect


I don't think so. I will continue searching for my destined eye cream.

I think this is worth a try. It is a decent eye cream.

Third trimester and baby's arrival

Thursday, January 17, 2019

On 22 August 2017, I finally made it into the third trimester! Baby is actively moving around and it is easy to count kicks now. I gained about 7kg! My stomach is so big now, it feels so heavy. My back and legs do hurt from the weight. lol. It is a little harder to sleep at night. I feel like I did not actually fall asleep. I just feel so tired. I do experience minor morning sickness up until now.

On 12 September 2017, I went for my prenatal check up. Baby had already turned! Baby is approximately 1.5kg now! It is amazing how fast baby is growing now! I can see baby moving around and making sudden movements. It feels so good watching baby and my belly. lol. I do crave for sour food. I am eating more fruits now to make sure baby is at least a little healthier... Sometimes I do crave for junk food. I love to lie down and rest now. I get tired easily now. Good thing is, I can still sleep through the night without needing to go to the toilet.

On 18 September 2017, I slipped and fell on my knees and hands. The floor was wet from the rain earlier. It happened all too fast. I got up immediately but I was in shock. My first reaction was to cry. I thought something bad might happen and I could not protect baby. I was so scared. Hubby was in KL for a conference so I felt even more scared. When I felt baby moving inside, I feel much more relieved. Thank you God for watching over our family.

One week later, I noticed that I get leg cramps in the middle of the night! It is coming back! Well, it did not bothered me as much previously. Now that it is coming back, I feel a bit scared at night. lol. Baby is super active now. Sometimes when baby moves around it feels a little painful. When I am in the toilet doing big business I feel that baby is peeking at me because baby moves around... lol. That feeling is so strange. Back pain is much more noticeable when I stayed in one posture for a longer time.

On 5 October 2017 (33 weeks) , baby's movement was so strong that I woke up in the middle of the night. It is so easy to feel baby moving around. It is also easy to see the movement on my belly. I like looking at it but sometimes it feels so funny because baby is moving everywhere. My tummy is dancing!

On 9 October 2017, I noticed that my weight is decreasing by almost 1 kg. I quickly googled to see if it is anything I should be worried about. Turns out it is not abnormal as there is changes in appetite. I cannot eat a lot at one time now because I feel full easily. I also become hungry quite quickly. I also noticed that there is a lot of bubbles or foam when I pee. At first I thought it might be a sign of gestational diabetes, so I was a little worried. It turns out to be quite normal. lol.

On 17 October 2017, I went for the usual check up. Baby weighs 2.4kg! I was a little scared when I heard it. lol. Doctor said it is normal so I guess it is fine. I gained 1kg in 2 weeks time! It is so much harder to sleep at night now. I feel like I did not really sleep. Not sure whether it is because baby was moving too much when I sleep. I cannot wake up to go to the toilet in the middle of the night. I tend to only go to the bathroom when I am wake up in the morning. I can almost feel that my bladder will burst.

On 20 October 2017, there was light pink discharge when I wiped with toilet paper. I was freaking out a little. It turned out to be a false alarm. I thought baby is coming out! Well, since hubby was not sure we went to check with the doctor anyway. Baby is 35 weeks now. The next few days, I feel like my stomach has cramps and when baby kicked it was painful.

On 24 October 2017, I went for the usual check up. Everything seems fine. The report is not out yet. Baby weighs 2.7kg! I was surprised because my appetite was not good the past few weeks. Baby managed to gain weight so easily. lol. My doctor mentioned that maybe baby will decide to come out earlier. Hubby and I feels a little nervous now!

On 31 October 2017, everything seems normal. The report was out. No infection. My weight remains at about 55-56kg.

On 7 November 2017, I had contractions that last until the next morning. The pain was still tolerable. I was told by my family to go to the doctor for check up. It was a false alarm. lol. I was dilated by 1cm. That was it. I went home to rest.

For the next few days, the contractions were much more frequent and painful. I cannot even sleep through the night because the pain wakes me up. The pain did not go away even though I keep changing positions. On 11 November 2017, I went for the CTG scan and the doctor recommend me to go for the scan again the next day. I did. The doctor said that baby is sleeping so he asked me to check again in the afternoon. Doctor is afraid that baby is not getting enough nutrients. I had to be admitted that night to be monitored. Contractions were getting worse through the night. I cannot really sleep because the nurses keep checking on me every two hours. I'm exhausted. My cervix was still dilated by 1 cm. I guess I still have to wait before meeting our baby.

On 14 November 2017, contractions become even more painful and frequent. I cannot even sleep and no matter what I do the pain is still there. It is getting worse as time passes. I keep waking up a few hours to go to the toilet and walk around to ease the pain. Finally it is morning and the doctor came by to check. My cervix is dilated to 2cm. Doctor suggested induced labour and so I was in the labor and delivery room at about 1pm. The nurses prepared everything and broke my waters. The nurse told me that even if I am induced the process would took about 6-8 hours for my cervix to be dilated to about 6cm. I can feel the pain getting more intense pretty quickly. Hubby went out for lunch with his parents and sister because he rushed over this morning when I told him I'm in pain without taking his breakfast. At about the same time, I was ready to give birth. The nurses did not manage to find my husband so they called. By the time hubby came into the room, baby is delivered. He only managed to see the whole placenta being delivered. The whole process took a little more than 2 hours which was surprisingly quick. I really thought that I would die in there because the pain was excruciating. I wanted to give up. Then suddenly, I asked God to help me. At that moment, the nurses told me they can see the baby's head. So I continued pushing but I really have no more energy. When the doctor came, I continued pushing and a few moments later I heard that the baby's head is out. I was surprised. Everything seemed to happen so quickly. When the nurses placed the baby on my chest, I called baby twice and he opened his little eyes to look at me. It was only for a moment then the doctor and nurses continued to do what they had to do. I was shaking really bad afterwards. When they pushed me back to my room, I slept for an hour or two before waking up. It was a miracle.