Product Empties #11

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mandom Barrier Repair Sheet Mask Motchiri
The sheet mask is quite thin and it tore when I was unfolding...
Scent is light and stickiness is minimal.
I do prefer to rinse after using sheet mask.
My face is so soft, smooth and hydrated.
Love the result but it tears too easily...

Puorella Aqua Soothing Mask Pack (Cat)
The sheet mask is so cute!
First time trying cute sheet masks.
I have a cat mask on!
The result is ok.
Nothing amazing, just cuteness overload. lol

Sexylook Intensive Hydrating Black Mask
I love black masks...
I love that it has gold flakes on the mask.
It has almost no scent at all.
I like it.
It fits my face pretty well except my chin area.
No allergic reaction at all.
My skin is super hydrated and bouncy after using it.
The best part is that it is not sticky at all.
Love it and I would definitely repurchase this!

Beauty Friends II Coenzyme Q10 Essence Mask Sheet Pack
I hate the scent of this!
A mix of alcohol and perfume?
It is quite disturbing to me...
The sheet mask was big...
Minimal stickiness
Skin feels quite good after using it.
Surprised >,<

Collagen by Watson's hydrating & refining facial essence
(I thought I had a picture of the product but too bad, it's gone!)

I think this is OK. Will not repurchase because I did not notice any difference in my skin. The good thing is it did not break me out. It is not sticky and easy to spend. It sinks into my skin pretty quickly and I like that the scent is really light.

Disappointing Products #5

Monday, June 4, 2018

Methode Swiss Thermal White Overnight Intensive Repair Mask

It has a gel-cream kind of texture.
It has an awful smell...
Smells like someone puked on my face
It is easy to spread and sinks into the skin really quickly.
It is very sticky and oily. which I do not appreciate.
My skin reacted negatively.
A few huge pimples after using for 2-3 days!


Annecy HA + Rosehip Oil Peeling Gel

A total diasappointment!
It makes my skin super duper dry.
When I wiped my face with tissue after rinsing with water, the tissue was stuck on my face. Literally!
My skin had never felt so tight before.
A nightmare!

I gave it two chances and that's it!
It's going out the window!

No, I mean it's going into the trash corner!


Missha The Style Perfect Concealer (light beige)

I bought this because it was cheap.
Unfortunately, this did not work for me.
It is so cakey.
I did not like it at all.


Candy Love Say Hello Body Clear Exfoliating Cream

I bought this because I saw the ads on facebook!
It removes hair like magic.
I am buying this one.
So I did.

I tried it on my armpit.
I applied it once.
Tried to wipe the hair away with tissue but the hairs did not even budge.
Well, maybe I used too little of the cream so I applied a second layer.
A thick layer.
When I wiped, wow, some hair was on the tissue.
I had to wipe quite hard to remove more hair.
It had the strong chemical smell that was so awful.
Reminds me of the time when I did hair rebonding!

I was not impressed at all.
Money went down the drain.