From 2013 to 2014

Thursday, January 1, 2014

On the last day of 2013, I went out with my dear to meet up with a few of his friends. We met up at One U for dinner first then we went looking for a place to drink. We finally decided to go to Boathouse for countdown. There is lucky draw at Boathouse. My dear won a hamper.

My dear won a hamper full of food

We reached home around 2am. My dear felt a little dizzy from the alcohol so we went to McD. He ordered a burger and asked me which Hello Kitty I want. So I just choose... Hmm... I feel like I am still a kid >.<

The Ugly Duckling

When we reached home, he suddenly gave me flowers. Awww... so sweet (1314 520)

Pretty pretty flowers... 

After 6 hours of sleep, we met up with his friends at Sunway Lagoon! Another day filled with fun but sadly, I was not feeling well. I did not enjoy myself to the max :( Well, we left at around 3pm for lunch. We had lunch at Thai Thai. Great Food!
Yummy yummy!
These are all the food we ordered. The kangkung belacan was really fresh. It was good. The egg was nice. It was a little runny on the inside which I like. The minced chicken was ok. Maybe it was not what I like but the meat was really tender. I really like the tom yum but it was a little spicy for me... maybe not just a little spicy... quite spicy! The green curry was just so-so. The fried fish was really nice. It was really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. The sauce was really nice. I love the pandan chicken. The spices in the pandan chicken was really good. The pineapple fried rice was not really good. I do not really like it. Overall the food was great!

I hope 2014 will be better than 2013. Happy New Year!

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