Chinese New Year 2014

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Chinese New Year Eve

This is the first year I had my reunion lunch and dinner without my family. I have a new family now. I am Mrs. Tay! This year is special as it is also the first time they are doing steamboat. A lot of food were prepared.

Getting everything ready!
A table full of veggies and meats and red wine in the middle o.o
After dinner, we spend the rest of the time in the living room playing games. We played card games, mah jong and some were playing PS3 and reading magazines. We spent quality times together as a family for almost the whole day.

We went to bed late as expected. Fireworks were very very noisy. The doggies were extremely scared of the noise. One in particular was shaking like crazy.
Pretty fireworks at 12 am sharp to celebrate the first day of CNY
CNY Day 1

The traditions in my new family are quite different with mine. I used to be vegetarian for half a day during the first day of CNY. Not anymore! Now it is mee suah with two hard boiled eggs! After breakfast, hubby and I started distributing ang pau. This is the first year we are distributing ang pau...

Time to visit relatives and distribute more ang pau!!! It feels strange that I will not... will never receive ang pau anymore. I think I will get used to it soon! I have to get used to it. Anyway, it is a once in a year thing...

The traffic was extremely bad at the toll. We were on our way back to Muar. We were stuck at the toll for quite a while then we jammed all the way to Muar... It took more than two hours to reach (normally it takes about an hour). My butt was so sore from sitting for such a long time... Ouch! We finally reached and time to distribute ang pau lo... come come :D haha

We went out for dinner as a big family... three tables at Sin Kee Ting (新奇珍)! The dinner is very different... I think there were about 160 tables in total. The dishes were served at the same time and we lou sang together as a big group. Hmm... that is something new! Hubby was very playful. He started lou sang at our table then after a few seconds, he went to the next table to lou sang as well >.<

Does it look fresh? Hmmm...
Time to lou sang! Yay :))
I never really liked lou sang but there were fresh salmons in there so I aimed for that... lol :p I was thinking about the salmon... Hmmm *thinking seriously type of look* It was in the dish but it was not cold enough... It seems like it was out there on the table for quite some time... Was it still fresh??? Will I have worms in my brains from eating it??? I suddenly thought of the very digusting worms in the brain resulting from salmons that were not fresh that was circulated a long time ago in my email! Ewwww...

At about 7:30 pm, the emcee started with CNY greetings and then there were three mascots going to the stage area... They were God of Wealth (財神爺), Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. I did not managed to take a picture with them... Sad :(

Most of the people that took pictures with the mascots were kids and they were already lining up... I feel so awkward if I go there and squeeze with kids... So I told hubby, "It's ok, we can go Disneyland" Hubby gave me the "You can say anything you want kind of look" and continue eating.

The dishes were quite nice...

In Chinese, it is called 冷盘 (cold dish - direct translation)

Shark's fin soup. Normally we don't order but since it was here already, we ate it. Or else the shark died in vain.
Oatmeal butter prawn. Hubby thinks it's ok. I have no idea.

I don't like the fish... Hubby hates it XD

This is not too bad. I only like the broccoli and mushrooms.

This is suckling pig. It is so crispy and delicious. A little fattening!

I never really liked lotus rice but this is nice! It has chicken floss and some beans which enhance the flavor of the rice.

Mango Pudding! I think it is a little too sweet. 
After this meal, we head back straight to JB. The following day, after lunch we were headed back to Seremban. I need to meet daddy before he goes back to Jakarta. We arrived at about 5:45pm and we went to a nearby restaurant to eat dinner. The food was not too bad. I think we ordered a little too much! After dinner we spent the rest of the time chatting. This year the CNY feel is a little dull.

Bought this baby for hubby and he was so happy... So glad he loved it!
Hubby actually asked if I would regret because he would spend a lot of his time with this  new baby...
of course I said no...
I could be here with my blog :)
Or play games...
All sort of things....

Hubby's birthday/Christmas/new year gift!