My Wedding - Part 2

Monday, February 3, 2014

Before our pre-wedding photo shoot. we went shopping for my wedding shoes at Sunway Pyramid. I bought two pairs... I spent so long hunting for the shoes. I love it! I bought a few shirts for hubby so he will have different colors to match my gowns... lol

Bling bling! Love it...

I bought VS bra and fake eyelashes one day before our photo shoot. I was busy doing my mani padi so the staff brought the VS bra and eyelashes to me and let me choose slowly... lol. My nails were not long enough so I had to use fake nails. So uncomfortable. I need to wash my hair but with the nails... I don't think I can... so I ended up at the saloon to wash my hair... The staff waited for me... They were going to close but since my mum asked them to wait, they waited. We rushed over right after my mani padi. I feel like a queen that day. Lol.

My nails... fake nails...
We woke up early the next morning... Reached the bridal studio at around 9 am... Make up time... and I look totally different... So nice and magical... lol

Make up and hair do in my purple gown
In a blue gown now...
My baby was pretty as well... She will  be in the photo shoot with us!
Our hair accessories were kind of matching...

Our photo shoot took one whole day! We had lunch at about 12 pm then my hubby drive to Putrajaya. We reached Putrajaya at about 2 pm and continue taking pictures. I feel that my face was sore from smiling so much in one day...  We went to different places there and actually other than the bridge and the lake, I thought the other places were just normal... so normal... nothing special... I was thinking... How will the photos turn out?

The photo shoot ended at about 8:30 pm and by the time we reached home it was already 10 pm... I had to remove the thick make up... Seriously, it was thick! Then I had to shower and wash my messy and puffy hair... Since I had 6 different outfits, I had 6 different hair styles to go with each gowns! I thought my hair was totally damaged but no... The make up artist told me to use conditioner and my hair became how it was like... maybe a little damaged but I cannot see or feel... lol

Super super tired!!!

Then it was time to select the photos about two weeks later. I was looking forward to the results as I was afraid I would look tired and sleepy in the photos.

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