MOF Japanese Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Yesterday my sister, hubby and I went for dinner at MOF Japanese Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid. This is the first time we tried the food here. We always walked past this shop. There was a few time when we nearly go into the shop but we changed out mind right before entering. Lol. Finally, we decided we should give it a chance.

The name of the shop
The menu is actually very old

There were a lot of choices. My hubby had to use a coin to decide on what he should try. Haha. 

The service was fine and we didn't have to wait long... Anyway, it was not crowded.

While waiting for food...
Kino Kimchi Pot (RM 13.90)... Mine!
Hubby said it was nice... He never really like Kimchee soup!
However it is a little too salty.
Hubby's Salmon Jyu (RM 15.80)
The portion is small.
As per hubby, it is very plain and there is no sauce.
He kept stealing my soup for his rice... lol
My sister's Unagi Tamago (RM 15.80)
My sister said it was nice although the egg was a bit hard.

The portion actually looked very small. My hubby was not full but it was fine for my sister and I. At least we were full!

 Then we went for a movie. We planned to watch Lone Survivor but the time was a bit rush so we changed to "The Legend of Hercules". There is a lot of fighting and killing in the movie. A so-so movie... but the actress is so so so pretty.
Movie tickets...

There is a contest if you keep the movie ticket. TGV Ultimate Giveaway Contest... Maybe I will try to do this later...

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