My Wedding - Part 1

Monday, January 27, 2014

Our wedding is finally over. All the preparations we did was for 19 January 2014! It was hectic but everything was worth it. I want to remember all these...

In July 2013, we started looking around for a bridal studio for our pre-wedding photo shoots. We wanted to know the price range and what the package were like. We went to the bridal studios around SS2 area. We only went to three of the bridal studio which were de-Casamia, Lasposa Bridal Gallery and Korea Artiz Studio. Maybe because it was very competitive there, the staffs said bad things about other bridal studios there. They were very aggressive as well. The photos were great but their aggressiveness turned me away. The service at Korea Artiz Studio was not as aggressive but it was a little to expensive for us. What I was most concerned about was the services and then the gowns of course... followed by the quality of the photos.

The following week, I went to do research on the bridal studios in Seremban. I looked at their package and the gowns. The price is a lot cheaper than SS2 area but the choice was also very limited. I went to almost all the bridal studios in Seremban. I think I went to 6 or 7 bridal studios. Some had great service, some were just so-so and some were awful.

We decided to go with Passion Bridal Selection as the package is attractive, the service was great and the photo albums were nicer. We paid the deposit in May 2013. We decided to do our pre-wedding photo shoot on 23 August 2013 and outdoor location will be Putrajaya. Two weeks before our photo shoot, my hubby accompanied me to try out the wedding gowns. The selection of the gown seems to be very limited at first but still I can only choose a total of 6 wedding gown, evening gowns and traditional costumes. They actually have more than 200 gowns there. So it was good enough for me. We went there at about 3 pm... they took my measurements then I looked at all the gowns. I tried more than 30 gowns in about two hours and I took half an hour to pick out my favorites. In the end, I chose 2 wedding gowns and 4 evening gowns. I let go of traditional costumes as the evening gowns were more attractive to me.

Some of the gowns I tried... There are some that looked awful on me so I won't post those :p

My favorite color :)
Evening gown :)
A white wedding gown.... I love this one
My favorite of all :)
My hubby love this as well :p
There is a mirror so you can see the front and back view in this.
My hubby's comment - Did you just walk out from the forest?

The next day, I regret on my choice so I called them the next day and asked if I could change one of the gown. They were really nice and changed one of the dress for me. Then a few days before my photo shoot, I decided to call them again to change another gown. I know it is troublesome but I still tried to call and see if it is still possible to change the gown since it is a once in a lifetime thing. They were fine with it as well... Phew... What a relief... Their service is really good and most importantly they were very honest. There is no hidden charges or anything like that. Everything is made very clear to us... such as what is included and what is not. I am very happy with their service.

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  1. I really impressed with this photography.Photographer captured photographs beautifully.I found it quite interesting , hopefully you will keep posting such blogs….Keep sharing..korea pre wedding photoshoot

  2. That’s a brilliant post! I loved reading your experience with your own wedding planning process. Planning a wedding seems quite hard to me that’s why I hired a professional planner for doing arrangements. He will even help me in finding wedding venues along with other wedding vendors.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It was pretty tough but glad that everything was over :)