My birthday!

Saturday, February 7, 2014

Hubby was working and maybe would have to work overtime on my birthday, so we had a pre-birthday celebration. So we decided to go for a movie "The Monkey King". After buying the ticket, hubby asked me what I would like to have for dinner and he would be treating. I answered quickly "I want the most expensive one!" Then I said "I'm just joking" but hubby was serious. So he continue asking what I have in mind. So we go to Tony Roma's @ Sunway Pyramid :) My friend told me it is very nice but expensive. So we were there standing at the entrance and I looked at the menu. My eyes were fixed on the price $$$$ only. Then after thinking for a while, we entered.

We looked at the menu for a very long time. I mean "I". Hubby already decided on what he wanted. I was still looking at the $$$$. That was why I took so long to made up my mind. Hmm... finally decided... after about 15 minutes. I think the waiter kind of kept their distance because we took such a long time talking and looking at the menu. Maybe they cannot understand why I am taking such a long time. It was not like there was a lot of choice there. Lol

I order a 7 oz. fillet mignon and hubby order shrimp & salmon piccata. The waiter asked me how do you want your steak to be and I could not hear the words he said other than medium. So I pretend, turned to hubby and asked how. Hubby said medium will do so I just repeated. I feel so stupid after that. I asked what is the difference between a cup and bowl (for soup of the day) after that. I clearly cannot understand what he was saying. I told the waiter I will just try the cup *clearly I was pretending to understand again*. I was like... okay... it was either his problem or mine. Maybe he is not local? Maybe it was my ears? Anyway, didn't matter. I was so surprised (I mean I was stunned) when I saw the food. The portion was so small. Even the potatoes were way bigger than the steak. Lol.

7 oz. fillet mignon (RM 58.90)
Comes with two sides, mashed potatoes and baked potatoes
 Actually we wanted french fried but the waiter said "no more". Okay... How can french fries be out of stock when you have potatoes? Lol

The beef was so nice when it was still hot. The steak was tender and juicy. My mouth was sore from chewing. I ate too slow... until it turned cold... not so delicious anymore. lol.
I like the potatoes but there was too much potatoes in a meal XD
Luckily I was full, maybe because of potatoes overload?
Shrimp & salmon piccata (RM 49.90)
Grilled salmon topped with shrimp
Hubby enjoyed the shrimp very much. It was super fresh! The salmon was nice. I like it with lemon.The broccoli was soft which makes the chewing easier... lol I'm so lazy!

Top left: Beef soup
Bottom left: Orange juice
Right: Garlic bread
The orange juice was very pulpy. I like it. Finally drink something cold after 3 months. The garlic bread was just so so. The garlic taste was not strong enough.

The service and ambiance were great!

We arrived JB at about 12 am and it was the ninth day of new year (初九). There were fireworks everywhere! We stopped by at Permas Jaya for supper because we skipped dinner. There were more fireworks and we left our baby, Jellie in the car. There were quite a few very loud fireworks when we were eating. I went over to check on her. Normally she would be sitting on our seat but she was hiding under our seat. I guess she was really scared of the loud "BOOM". We quickly finished our food and went home straight away. There were never ending fireworks because of prayers (拜天公). Our baby ran around in fear and kept following me. She kept jumping signalling me to carry her. Super cute!

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