Review: It's Skin Todak Todak Pack

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It's Skin

Todak Todak Pack

HKD 54


Consist of 5 different concepts for beautiful skin
Main ingredients are grape and blueberry extract that make vitality and energetic skin

Apply adequate amount at the last step of your skin care routine
Wash off with warm water the next morning


My thoughts

Simple tube packaging.

It has a strong artificial grape scent.
I hate it!

It has a gel to cream like consistency and it is slightly purple!

It is easy to spread

It feels quite heavy on my skin. The sleeping pack took a long time to sink into the skin. I can feel that there is a layer of product on my skin. The stickiness lingered on my skin and worst of all it feels very oily (even for my extremely dry skin). I used it once and never touched it again. I cannot bear to let it sit on my face overnight. The oiliness and stickiness is unbearable. I will not use this ever again, not even on my body.

Easy to spread

Very sticky
Extremely oily
Heavy on skin
Strong scent

No, thank you.

Stay away from this at all cost!

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