Christmas Eve

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Went shopping at Sunway Pyramid today with my sis. We went for lunch first because we were starving. We were deciding between Secret recipe and Tang Shi Fu. My sis is a health freak so we went for Tang Shi Fu. I ordered a Double Boiled Chicken Soup Mee Suah Set which was practically plain and tasteless. Totally not worth the money. My sis ordered Mee Suah with Herbs and Ginger Wine. The taste is better than what I ordered. We ordered plum tea but we don't like it.

My sis and her Mee Suah with Herbs and Ginger Wine... 
My Double Boiled Chicken Soup Mee Suah Set
After lunch, we started shopping. Look at all the things I bought. Overspent :o

Noodle and Miso Soup from Daiso, blackhead remover from Watsons and hydrogel masks from TheFaceShop

Almost everything at TheFaceShop was on promotion. I cannot resist promotions... buy 1 free 1 so I bought it. Never really tried TheFaceShop products before. When I have time, I will do a review on the masks. I asked the salesgirl whether sensitive skin can use the mask and she recommend me other masks. Then she asked who are you buying it for. So I said it's for me. She looked at me and say I don't have sensitive skin. I was kind of speechless. She say I can try and since I really want to try a gel mask, I bought it.

The Face Shop Hydro Vita C Gel Mask Sheet (full review here)
The Face Shop Hydro Vita B Gel Mask Sheet (full review here)
On the way home, I saw my dear's car parked at Sunway Pyramid. I quickly called him and asked him whether he is there but he say "NO". He lied to me. Then when I say I saw his car, he said he is meeting a friend there. I was disappointed. I hanged up the phone.
My baby, Jellie
She is very playful. She kept pushing her toys to my hand and look at me with her innocent puppy eyes so I played with her for a while. Maybe because she was in the cage too long when I went shopping. She is good at posing as well... hahaha :)

My dear came home. I questioned him which is expected. He gave me presents. My Christmas presents. He said he didn't want me to find out he went to find presents... which is kind of last minute. He also booked a restaurant for dinner one week ago. I'm so excited.
My presents...
We went to Bijan. The food were OK but the environment and service is great. He ordered red wine too. I think I'm drunk. It was sweet actually. After being together for 5 years and 10 months, this is the first candlelight dinner we had together.
Drinking wine ;)
The food we had...

Merry Christmas everyone :)

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