Joyful December

Saturday, December 28, 2013

This December is very special to me. I received an amazing Christmas gift from my dear. Ta-da...

Sony Xperia. I wanted to buy this but I didn't because I want to save money.
I don't know why but when he gave me the present I have a feeling that it is what I want... but I don't want to get my hopes up so I pretend not to know. He kept making me curious and does not allow me to open it up... He kept delaying the time for me to unwrap my present. Finally on the way back to JB to attend a friend's wedding, he finally agreed to allow me to see what is inside. Thank you dear. I will treasure it :D

Too bored in the car on the way back to JB so I took a few photos... hehe
The wedding was really nice. The food was nice and the decorations were great. They made a thank you video and there were a lot of photos. There was a photo of us when we went on the Bali trip. It was nice as they thought of those people they included in the video. Come to think of it... my wedding will be soon... There will be a lot of preparations to do!
***I am really thankful for what I have***

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