Review: TCM Propolis & Aloe Eye Mask

Thursday, December 26, 2013

I bought this eye mask from just to try. The main ingredients are Propolis, Gensing, Angelica sinensis, pearl and other plant essence.
TCM Mask Propolis & Aloe Eliminates Dark Circles and Tightens Eye Mask contains propolis, aloe, gensing and other plant essence. After using this product, your eye areas become hydrated and it can help 6 hours long with 40% extra moisture. This eye mask could directly affect your eye areas and boost up your eye areas with natural collagen, so that you can release the issue of black circle eye and eye bag. This is taken from

The packaging looks like this.

The mask looks like this.
:) I like the design of the mask
:( The mask is very dry and it feels as though there is no essence
:( I do not fancy the smell of the mask
:( My eyes was a little watery and uncomfortable
:( I do not feel that the mask does what it claims as my eyes were not hydrated and my dark circles were still obvious. Maybe I have to try a few more times before there is any effect.
Rating: 1/5
Repurchase: No


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