My Wedding - Part 5

Thursday, February 20, 2014

There was no time to rest. I had to change my hairstyle and reapply make up. I reached the restaurant at around 12:30pm. When we entered, we had to go on stage to cut the cake and then go back to our table. Food was served but we only managed to sit down for 10 or maybe 15 minutes then I had to go change into my second gown. Once again, we entered and head straight up the stage. We invited our parents, 兄弟 and 姐妹 on to the stage to drink the champagne with us. Of course, we have to toast - Yam Seng!

We finally managed to sit down and eat. When we left the first time, there were 2 dishes on our table. When we returned, there were about 5 dishes. I was hungry but I didn't feel like eating. Maybe it was too hectic and my mood was not right. We managed to sit down for a while only... then we stood up and go to every table to toast until we ran out of time. We had to be at the reception to see our guests off. Of course, it was time to take photos again. I was wearing heels.. I think 3 inches... My feet was wobbly from standing...

After most guests had left, we thought we could finally rest. My hubby's classmates were still waiting. They wanted him to drink more wine... hmm... We had a group photo after that. At around 4 pm everything is done. Finally, we went home. I changed into normal wear then went over to my make up artist to return some accessories she lent to me. We are finally free... we went home and sleep straight away. We only woke up around 10 pm... Then hubby noticed I was having a fever. Luckily my immune system went kaboom only after my wedding... Took a shower and ate medicine then continue sleeping at around 11 pm. We woke up around 8 am the next morning. This is how tiring a wedding can be... hehehe

Our wedding presents from his parents and siblings.
Thank you :)
Wedding presents from my siblings ;)

I am really thankful to all those who came for our wedding lunch. I am extremely happy to see my friends who came all the way from KL and of course my babies and jimuis. My brother had helped me a lot with the video of hubby and me growing up. My mother and sisters had helped me with all the guest list and everything else. My in laws were extremely helpful in all the wedding preparations... almost everything! I have to say thank you to my make up artist for making me so beautiful on my big day and to our photographers.

I am very lucky to have such loving and caring families. Looking forward to my days ahead as Mrs. Tay :)

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