My Wedding - Part 4

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One day before our actual wedding day, I went to get all the gowns, coats and accessories and my dad drove all the way down to JB. I tried to bring them to Jusco Tebrau and then I noticed... I noticed that I was so lost in JB... Mainly because hubby was always the one driving and I never bothered to remember the way... Or I thought I remember la... Then it turns out this way...

Finally we arrive at Jusco and I rushed over to do my mani padi. They went to eat without me... Nandos... I also want... When I finished, they only save a small chicken wing and one piece of wedges for me... So nice right? hahaha


After that I wanted to bring them for dinner but... too bad we were lost again... so after trying a few times I finally gave up so we went back to the home stay. We had dinner nearby... Thank you to my dad for having so much patience... Driver did not complain yet but I already gave up!

Actual Day - 19 January 2014

I woke up at 4:45 am and my make up artist arrive at 5 am. So she started with my make up then helped me change into my wedding gown and continued with my hair. I was ready around 7 am.

Make up time
So colorful!
The wedding gown I chose
My bling bling shoes
Totally prepared!

I only had two sips of milo for breakfast. Nothing else. I was nervous so I was not feeling hungry at the time. My hubby arrived at about 7:30 am with his 兄弟(groomsmen). My 姐妹 (bridesmaids) were all ready with their games. Too bad I had to wait in my room so I don't really know what happened outside. Just wait until I get my hands on the videos *evil grin*. I waited in my room for about half an hour. I knew a little about the games they were playing outside from my bridesmaids. My hubby had to read out the marriage contract and declare his love for me before he was allowed to enter. He entered the room and then "You may kiss the bride"... I saw a lot of phones snapping pictures like paparazzi.

The cars!

Hubby and grromsmen

Bridesmaids preparing breakfast for groom and groomsmen

Washing vegetables?

Special wasabi and mustard cookies
Reading out the marriage contract!

Pretty flowers!
We left the room at 8 am and continued with the tea ceremony. It was quite fast as my relatives could not make it there. Then there were more photo sessions.

With my pretty bridesmaids

Group photo

With groomsmen

After the tea ceremony, we were ready to leave my house/home stay (well, for today only). My dad had to walk with me to the car with a red umbrella and upon entering the car I had to throw away an old hand-fan and when the car move forward a little, my dad had to pass me a new hand-fan. My grandmother and mother also prepared some food for us to bring over to his house. Once we arrived, his brother lit the firecracker. It was really loud. When it was all over, we went up to our room. We had to eat... well... I don't know what it was... I know there was red dates, a small egg and I can't remember. There were three things in the bowl. That was all I had. Then there was another photo session until his family were ready for the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony was longer as many of his relatives were there. We had to go back to my place before going to the restaurant for our wedding lunch. I think it was already 10:45am

The things we had to eat!


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