Nantou Day 6 | Xitou | January 2017

Monday, May 15, 2017

Ready to start our day!
We walked to the nearest bus stop to get to Gancheng bus station
We saw this shop.
It was crowded and smelled really good so we decided to have our breakfast here.
The name of the shop
Bacon egg roll
Cheese and egg toast

Total: NT65

It was yummy!
Simple breakfast but very satisfying

After breakfast, we realized we were at the wrong place.
We were too confident with Google maps in our hand.

We walked for quite some time to the nearest bus stop to get to Gancheng Station.

Finally made it to Gancheng station.
Bought the Xitou package

This includes the return ticket to Taichung and the admission into Xitou Nature Park
The package
We took the 11 am bus to Xitou.
 Selfie on the bus
Non stop selfie...
I will not spam you all with my selfies la...
Don't worry.

The staff told us to get a number once we reached Xitou if we were returning on the same date.
To secure a seat, I guess.

We reached at 12:30 pm
Time to explore!
#ootd before entering the park
I did not even know hubby took this one...
The entrance
The place is so nice.
We decided to follow this sign
Cross the bridge by following the sign
The air was so fresh here.
We really love this place.
Oh, What was I looking at?
This, I think.
I mean the fog.
This is the map.
It looks like a super huge park!
Selfie when we just started our hike.
Still very happy.

This post will be picture intensive.
We left the park at about 4 pm.
We spent most of our time exploring the nature park.
We took tons and tons of pictures here.
All these pictures were taken while we were heading to the university pond and when we reached the destination.

The pictures below were taken when we decided to move on to the next spot!
Here we go!

By this time, I was already tired.
My stamina is just terrible.
I need to catch my breath!

We continued walking and walking.
It seemed to be forever!

Finally we made it!!

The giant tree has fallen!
We walked all the way up here to see this??!!


I was already dead tired.
After I saw the giant (fallen) tree, I decided I need a rest!

Actually I was just trying to catch my breath.
Smiling for the picture.

Hubby asked me why I wanted to take a picture with the giant (fallen) tree.
Actually I just wanted to take picture la...
Bought ice cream
NT40 each
(I am guessing because I forgot to record this)

We were there admiring the surroundings...
We love the fresh air here :)

We went over to the staff to ask for directions and the staff recommend the next destination for us.
Finally reached!
We came such a long way to see this.
Just to see a rock.
I was so tired.

Time to continue.
More walking.
 A local told us this way was steep.
We thank them so we continued carefully.
 Fresh air!
It was super foggy that day!

Our last stop before heading out of the park was...
Sky Walk!
I am afraid of heights!
I was scared but I wanted to see the view so I walked anyway.
I stopped halfway when I looked down.
I had to ask hubby to come back to hold my hand.
We took this while we were on our way out of the park.
It was about 3:30 pm

Time to explore the monster village!
The only stall that caught hubby's attention
Egg tart

This was yummy.
Soft and a little surprised
I think there was melted marshmallow at the bottom.
Not bad!
Chicken noodle & milk tea
NT62 & NT25

The taste was ok.
Nothing too special but we were super hungry.

Earlier we did book the time slot for 5:30pm
Since we were early, we decided to try our luck.
We went to ask the lady at the counter whether we can get back to Taichung earlier (there was a bus there) she said yes.
We were able to leave earlier!

We reached Taichung station at 6pm
We walked to Yizhong night market
It was pretty similar to Fengjia night market.
I think this is more suitable for teenagers and those who love a mix of everything.
Fengjia night market is a food heaven!
 Looks like roti prata
Roti prata - forgot which flavor but we paid NT50

I think we spent less than an hour here so...
we decided to head off to the next night market!
When we were nearly there, we saw this store.

We decided to eat more...
Fried chicken skin & fried chicken
NT30 & NT50

It was normal.
Nothing to shout about.
Service was good but a little slow
Blur pic, I know.
This is Chunghwa night market.

I do not recommend this place.
It was small and on one side of the road.

We left after 15 minutes, I think.
We took a bus back to Fengjia night market for more food!

 Big sausage Small sausage
This is surprisingly delicious.
It was a little more spicy than what I had expected.

There was a long queue there.
We did not have to wait for too long.

I went back to buy the fried bird eggs!
I love it but for health reasons, I tried not to eat more!

Hubby on the other hand went back for more taro balls!
He was talking (a lot) with the boss so he gave hubby and extra one for free.
Very kind person
Milk tea
NT65 for 2 cups
 Braised clams
I ordered the sea salt flavor.
I like it.
The clams were so juicy!

That was all the food we ate.
I highly recommend Xitou and Fengjia Night Market!


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