Cingjing Day 7 - Part 1 | Cingjing Farm | January 2017

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We woke up early so that we could catch the earliest bus for Cingjing!

We arrived earlier but we were told that the bus (8:20 am) was full!
We had to wait for the 9:20 am bus!
We got the package anyway and decided to wait.
NT600 - include return bus ticket, bus (single journey) to green green grassland and admission

I think we were pretty lucky.
After most of the passengers board the bus, there were still some seats available.
We went on to the bus.

I was super excited!
First time to Cingjing!

The bus was full!
Some were even standing on the bus.

We finally reached at 11 am.

We called the minsu because we were not sure which way to go.

We checked in early and freshen up a bit before heading out!
The view outside our room!
We love it here!

Time to head out!
About one hour later...
The staff at the minsu told us this bus stop is closer than the one we got off earlier.
So we waited here...
I was so busy.

We waited for a while...
Hubby suddenly decided to walk to Green Green Grassland.
So we did.

We went into 7-eleven to grab a bite.
Hot dog
NT30 each

Time to move on...
Finally, we reached!
The map of the area.
Self service

Time to explore the farm...
Mostly picture spamming from here onward
It was not soft and fluffy.
So different from what I had in mind
This one was so small
The view here was stunning.
We love the air here...
Well, minus the poop.
It was easy going down the stairs.
No problem at all!

That was all for Cingjing farm.
I totally enjoyed my day here.

I would totally come back to relax at Cingjing next time!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

Thanks for reading as always :)


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  1. just wanna know how do u get the package and where to buy it?

    1. I bought it from Gancheng bus station in Taichung. If I remember correctly it is opposite the train station :)