Review: Secret Key 24K Gold Premium First Essence

Saturday, June 10, 2017


I am back with another product from Secret Key!
I love the first version of the first essence so I wanted to try all the other ones to see if there are any differences.

Secret Key

24K Gold Premium First Essence

USD 13.02


* Filling skin from inside with nourishment and moisture
* Perfect soothing and skin-arranging effect
* Hyaluronic acid and EGF content improves skin elasticity
* Niacinamide and Adenosine take effect in whitening and anti-wrinkle
* Instant penetration without heaviness or stickiness

Main Ingredients

Apply appropriate amount and smooth over it after cleansing.

My thoughts
I started using this on 19 February 2016

The bottle is simple and sturdy.
It is a huge bottle so it is definitely not travel friendly
It is hard to dispense the essence due to its consistency.

It  has a very strong perfume scent...
It is a little better than the previous version...

It looks like water in the bottle but it has a thicker consistency... almost gel-like
There is gold flakes in it!

A little of the product is enough for the whole face. It is easy to spread. It is sticky upon application but absorbs almost instantly hence stickiness is minimal.Overall, I think the essence is good. I cannot see results immediately. After two months, I can feel that my skin is more elastic. I think my skin is a little brighter, softer and smoother. It provides great hydration to my (super dry) skin and evens out my complexion. I am not sure if it diminishes wrinkles...

I think this is not as good for those with acne prone skin. I soak a few drops of the essence on the cotton and place it on the pimple. It did not do the magic the previous one had! This is more hydrating that the previous version.

No allergic reaction or breakouts
Absorbs almost instantly hence stickiness is minimal
Skin is more elastic, smoother and softer
Evens out complexion
Quick absorption rate
Provides great hydration

Scent is very strong
The bottle is not travel friendly (heavy)
Sticky upon application

I would love to repurchase this but it contains alcohol and fragrance

I do recommend this to those with dry skin as it is a great product
This is not suitable for those who are conscious about the ingredients in skincare

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