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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Hubby never really like steamboat or shabu shabu but sometimes there will be exceptions. We were celebrating our sixth year together! He let me choose*evil grin and quickly  think of something he doesn't like he doesn't allow me to eat*. There was a rotating belt with various snacks on it.We were given menu and we decided what we wanted quite quickly. We  ordered the same set - Pork Shabu (RM 19.90 each)! The set includes a green tea and noodle/rice (your choice). The ambiance was not too bad. It was quite cold in there so no sweating.

The menu. We were super hungry.
The rotating belt with various snacks on it.
 While waiting for food we were staring at the snacks on the rotating belt. We wanted to tried the snacks but when we saw the price we decided we should just wait for our food. There was a plate with two small candies... RM2 for the candies!

Selfie while waiting for food!
The soup came first as it needed time to boil. It was quite fast actually. The soup that came with the pork shabu was chicken soup. We decided to upgrade one of the soup to Kimchi Jigae.

The Kimchi Jigae was kind of spicy and very hot.
From the picture above, the soup looks very plain! The taste was way better than the chicken soup. There were different charges for different soup upgrades. RM 5 for miso soup and tomyam soup and RM 7 for Kimchi Jigae. Refill for the soup were free of charge.

The chicken soup was kind of plain.
A counter full of seasonings - cili padi, chilli powder, garlic, soy sauce, lime juice and more
Although the chicken soup was plain, there was a counter full of seasoning so hubby went to grabbed some and the soup was better!

Hubby was waiting for this! RM 17.90
Finally our food came!

Our table full of food!
It was kind of scary when we saw our food! There was practically no space for other things. No space for my phone and wallet on the table. Just had to find a small space for the phone and wallet but... no space! Actually we had to put those extra things on our seat! The seating was more like a bench so there were still some space for us to put our bag and all other things ;)

A close up of the set. Look at the cute doraemon!!!
Mainly veggies!
My choice of noodle
Six slices of meat! 
When I saw the meat I was a little disappointed. The meat was fresh but only six slices! I love meat.. please give me more meat! Oh well *forget it*

 At first I thought, the set was kind of small. Half way through I was full. In the end I left the veggies untouched... well, just the spinach and cabbage! I was totally bloated when the waitress brought desserts in.

The pot full of food. Doraemon is drowning >,<
Lime juice! Super nice!

After the whole meal, hubby suddenly said that we should have just ordered one set and add on the meats or veggies as needed so we could have save money. The meal cost us RM 64.70 and we were too full. Overall, I was satisfied with the food!

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