Restoran Teo Chew Moi @ Puchong

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Hello :)
Time to explore for food at Puchong area!

Hubby told me the food there were delicious...
I was wondering... hmmm... hubby hates porridge...
Why would he suggest the place?
Hmm... Just give it a chance so I could find out why hubby likes the porridge there...

We were there about 11:30 am... Only a few tables were occupied.

The food were all prepared!

I was so shocked when I saw the varieties!
This is way more than I had expected!

I was looking around to see the price but... nowhere to be seen!
Hmm... I usually hate it when I had no total control over my life food!
I told myself it is ok... Since hubby brought me here on a public holiday on purpose so I cannot complain!
*Tried very hard not to complain*

Just  point to the food and they will either cut it, chop it or reheat it then bring over to us...

Braised Pork
RM 8

It is a little too fat!
I love fatty meats but this is a little too over for me...
Did not managed to finish this as hubby dislike pork!

Braised Duck
RM 10

*hubby opinion*

BBQ Pork (char siew)
RM 15

This is super nice! I love this dish the most!
The crunchy part is so nice... fatty part also just nice...

RM 5

*hubby opinion*

RM 1.80

Actually there were sweet potatoes in the porridge...
But it was still pretty tasteless...

Overall, the food varieties are great!
Some choices were better than others...
I think this place is worth revisiting as there is so many choices!

Before I started blogging about this, we revisited the place for the second time >,<

Restoran Teo Chew Moi
No. 18, Jalan Puteri 2/4, Bandar Puteri, 
47100, Puchong
03-8063 5541

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