Baby Jellie is pregnant!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

I was so excited when I found out my baby was pregnant. I was just guessing. Haven't gone to the vet yet. Well, my baby was mated with my sister in law's son. They were of the same kind, the only difference was their colour. It happened on 25 January 2014. Lol. I kind of pity my girl as it seems like rape to me. I'm so sorry but my baby was in pain...

I  was sure my baby was already pregnant after two weeks. Just my thoughts. We started guessing that my baby was pregnant about one month later. She refused to eat her kibbles. Morning sickness maybe? She refused to eat for two days! My baby gained a lot of weight... We felt she looked so fat all of a sudden. She became so clumsy... slipped down when she ran, missed a step when she ran up the stairs and others. She became less active and slept almost all the time. Almost 23 hours *maybe a little exaggerated*

Her funny sleeping pose
Another one ;)

Fell asleep very fast

We also noticed that her nipples were slightly bigger and she seemed to have baby bump (5 March 2014). It was quite obvious to us. Maybe not that obvious in picture.

We went on Mr Popular, Google to check if my baby was really pregnant. Just to confirm before going to the vet.

From wikiHow:

1. Monitor her appetite
  • My baby refused to eat for two days
  • Sometimes she eat more than her usual portion
2. Pay attention to her behavior
  • My baby slept too much recently and she was less active as well
  • She was slow to respond and clumsy
3. Notices changes in your dog's body
  • Her nipples grew a little bigger
  • She gained weight
  • Her belly was bigger and seemed like a baby bump
  • Noticed her vagina had clear/milky discharge twice
4. Go to the vet
  • I tried to be a vet... lol. I placed my ear to her belly to listen for heartbeat... Well, it didn't work.
Okay, I hereby confirm that my Jellie is pregnant! (confirm by myself... lol)
I need to bring her to the vet soon.


On 8 March 2014, we brought our baby to the vet to confirm whether or not she is pregnant. The vet touched her belly and confirmed on her pregnancy. We were excited. The vet said that the babies were about one month old. The vet did ultrasound (forgot to take picture cause I was too excited) to show us the babies inside her belly. We cannot really see but we were so excited! Jellie is a mummy now. There are at least four babies but the vet said it may not be accurate as Jellie's  uterus is kind of full so we should expect a lot of puppies! Hubby and I were very shocked when we heard "a lot"... The expected delivery date is mid April. Jellie's belly will continue to grow like a pear! OMG she is so fat now!

Pictures of her baby bump on 9 March 2014

Her baby bump!
Don't hamsap look at her nipple XD Lol
Not obvious enough?
How about this?
Can see the baby bump?
Pictures of her baby bump on 12 March 2014

Can you see the baby bump?
The little doggy is pointing at her baby bump.

Not sure if this is clearer.

Her big belly!

My baby's expression when I ask her to hold still for me to take a pic of her baby bump!

Pictures of her baby bump on 21 March 2014

Baby Jellie ish so fat now!
This one should be obvious enough :)

Pictures of her baby bump on 24 March 2014

My baby Jellie is about 2 months pregnant (my own assumptions - from date of mating)

Look at the flabbiness

Look at the fat belly!

I think I have to stop here! Too much picture spamming.

Two days later, 26 March 2014 my baby had given birth to four puppies! Three females and a male :) I am so proud of  my baby!

Let's rewind to a couple of hours before my baby gave birth...

Hubby had a feeling that baby wanted him to stay home but still hubby had to work. I was home all alone. Baby was a little strange. She was carrying her toy and walking around aimlessly. I was not sure what she wanted. Suddenly, I saw white liquid on the floor (of course I saw it was from baby). At that moment, I was very shocked. I was asking myself whether she was going into labor because I had not prepared anything. The vet told us the estimated delivery date for baby is Mid April. So, I thought I still have time. I was so wrong!!!

I quickly prepared her bed and cage for her and took her upstairs so I could keep a close eye on her. I was cleansing my face and when I came back to the room I sat in front of my laptop. Suddenly I noticed there was no noise or movement frombaby. So I turned around to checked on her. I was so so so extremely (x100) shocked! I don't know if I should post this picture. Well, don't say I didn't warn you. Be prepared... maybe mentally? Or risk seeing the food you just ate in the toilet/sink (or any other place you want to vomit). Lol

Here it goes...
 The first puppy!!!! So shocking to me!

The second puppy followed quite closely!

Blood everywhere. 

All right. Time to stop. Now how about prettier (less disgusting) pictures.
Nah, here you go!
So cute!

Everything went smoothly... it seemed. I was expecting at least four (or more) puppies. Only three came out at around 9 am. My baby seemed to be resting so I went online to get myself prepared to take care of them. My baby rested for more than three hours (Mr. Google showed various results... more than one hour or four hour can be dangerous to the mother). I was worried sick. No one was at home at the time. No more options. I had to take my baby to the vet or else I might risk losing her. I got changed. Took my cash and credit card and debit cards and keys and stuff it all into my pocket. In the other pocket was my super big phone... My baby got into her usual bag. The three puppies were in the paper bag. I carried them and walked all the way to the vet under the very very hot sun (about 15 minutes). Oh, then I remembered I forgot to apply sunblock! I hate the sun! I hate sweating! No choice. My baby is more important to me :)

In the paper bag
Only three puppies!
I took this when I reached the vet.

I was so relieved when I finally reached the clinic. It turned out that my baby was too tired so she was given an injection. About five or ten minutes after the injection she was able to push the last puppy out. Phew... that was lucky or else she might have to go for an operation. A nice lady sent me home after they found out I walked such a long distance to get to the clinic. Lol

I was really thankful everything went well.


My baby is a very good mom. She rarely sleeps because she keep taking care of her babies. She is always tired and sleepy because she have to wake up whenever the babies cry. *I had to wake up as well when they cry loudly to check on them* She is very reluctant to leave her babies alone. Even when she was thirsty and hungry. Of course, I was not able to sleep as well. I (as a had to take care of both the mama dog and baby dogs. I felt like a zombie.... the puppies were like vampires. Kept sucking blood (milk) from the mama. Plus they suck at the wrong places a lot of the times so my Jellie had a lot of love bites! My baby used to be scared of everything from plastic bags, metal fences, hair dryer and more. When I left her puppy downstairs so she could rest or at least take a nap in our room, she barked at me or cry wanting me to open the door for her to get to her puppies. I tried to scare her with the hair dryer but she was no longer scared of it. I was a little shocked. She was so protective of her babies.

The picture below was sent by my sister when my baby was still young :)
I think our baby was only 6 months old in the picture! Time really flies...

Mommy has the greatest love of all :)

Cuddling :)