Short trip to Genting Highlands

Monday, March 31, 2014

Genting gave hubby a free room for his birthday month for two nights (about two weeks ago). No one was home to take care of my baby Jellie. We made sure we left enough water and food for her. She was free to walk around the entire living room. We were a little worried about her but wanted a small getaway. We reached at around 9:30 pm. It was cold and we had a long way to go to get to the lobby. We followed the hotel lobby sign and went up four or maybe five flights of stairs... I was panting and short of breathe after the second flight of stairs... Lol. I thought I was going to faint *too exaggerated*

I was so happy to see the check in machine!!! Checked in really fast with the machine! We took the key card for our room and receipt. Went to the room but we could not get in!!! After more than ten tries we gave up. We put the card in very slowly, then very quickly, put the card in and hold it in there for a while before removing, the switched the sides and turned it every way. All useless...

We went down to the reception and they confirmed that the key was not working so they changed a room for us. No upgrade... sad! We went in and were happy until we saw the bed! Single beds???!!! No upgrade some more gave us single beds!!

This trip was supposed to be a happy one.. so never mind! We could squeeze in the single bed and we did! I was a little to lazy to even cleanse my face because it was cold! Excuses***
I felt guilty after that!

The next day hubby woke up early and went to the casino. I was still sleeping. He came back and woke me up around 8:30 am. I requested a brunch in bed. Lol. It was in the "marriage contract" but he never really did it anyway. It was really easy, just cup noodles and hot coffee. While hubby was preparing, I was busy with my game. Hubby was busy with his game after breakfast. Guess what game??


Tada~~~ Tower of Saviors!

We were playing the game until we felt... hey why are we doing things that we normally do at home? This was a trip right? Lol. Finally we decided to drag our lazy bum out of the hotel room. We went to check the ticket price for Fantastica 2. It was a little expensive so we decided we will watch it next time. We went to the visitors galleria and looked at the history, awards and all information related to the founder as well as Genting Highlands.

I was looking at the model very seriously! Actually I really like these things. When I was young, I always tried to make these things but obviously I failed. I tried to design rooms on cardboard with small furniture and stuff like that... Lol

A mini Genting Higland! So cute and pretty :)

The model of the cable car!

There were four angmo behind us when we were there and we heard " Genting is everywhere". I tried not to eavesdrop >.< We both tried not to laugh... Maybe they were afraid we could understand so they lowered their voices... I heard them saying "No, no, no.... I think Genting.... UK..." I did not managed to listen to everything. I think the four angmo were from UK!! Haha... my own assumption!

Then we continued walking aimlessly almost everywhere for a few hours which seemed to be forever! I spotted something! I was so excited! I went in and wanted to buy some hair masks and foot masks as they were on promotion. The salesperson came over for a second then left. Hubby looked at me and laughed then whispered "You are not a potential customer". I was a little annoyed and left the shop...

We continued walking then we stopped by Speedy and I was watching the TV for over 15 minutes! We were really bored. Well, I was really bored. Hubby was still busy with his game>.<
Guess what I was watching??

Managed to guess?

Easier to guess now?

Yes! It is Turbo!

I love the view from up here... The air was better here. No haze,so good!

All that was left of the outdoor theme park! Looking forward to the new theme park already :)

Went back to the room to rest for a while. Then hubby went to casino. I went along with him as I was a little scared to be in the hotel room alone. I was bored... I kept playing games and checked instagram... but no one updated their instagram, so I was super super bored! I walked around for a bit and saw quite a few lengluis. So pretty... their makeup and dress. I tried not to be rude so I pretend I didn't see or else I would be staring!

Then we went for dinner at Bubbles & Bites. My third time here and I super love the food! Food review here.

After dinner, we packed and went home because we were worried about our baby. Have to take care of pregnant lady... Lol. We only stayed for a night because of this cutie pie!

Can see her baby bump?

Baby was happy to see us and of course we were happy to see her well. She was a good girl. She did not mess up the living room :) I was extremely happy about this.

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