Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf @ Tropicana City Mall

Tuesday, March 3, 2014

Long overdue post that had been sitting in my draft for about 1 month!

I had always wanted to try this after my sister showed me the pictures she took a while back when she went for dinner with her friends.

I'm there with my pose... lol
Just look at the crowd!
After I took the photo we rushed over to queue. Well, it's not true... we just walked over! We were seated at the very far corner in another rooms (it seems). It was kind of difficult to get the waiters/waitresses attention as we were too far.

We were there for lunch so the menu was Three Little Pigs. For dinner the menu will be different - The Big Bad Wolf! I was attracted by the theme! The place looks great!

Look at the menu! So cute.
The name were pretty creative as well! Well, maybe the first two only... and a few others?
We waited until the rest arrived. Then we started looking over the menu. I looked at my sister and said the choices were quite limited! She told me that the dinner menu were better and there were more choices. I am not too sure about this... Maybe we could go for dinner next time!

Mighty Piggy Burger (RM28)
I was excited when I see my burger!
Juicy pork patty, cheese, tomatoes, greens, fried egg, herbed mayo
I have never tried any pork burger before so it was really interesting! The burger was served with salad and fries. The fries and salad were just normal. The bun was super crispy and just salty enough for me. When I tried the pork I was very disappointed! The taste was too porky... lol. The taste of the pork was overwhelming for me and hubby nearly vomited! My sister said the mighty piggy burger she ordered at Bangsar Village Shopping Centre does not have such an overwhelming pork taste (my sister's review is here). This kind of discouraged me to try other pork burgers :((

The Wolf's Favourite (RM29)
Creamy spaghetti with smoked pork bacon and button mushrooms, topped with poached egg and crispy bacon bits.
This look so yummy right? This actually tastes better than the mighty piggy burger! The crispy bacon looked over burnt to me. It is very crispy but too dry. The soft bacon (the pink/white color) was really nice as it was still juicy!

It took a long time for the food to arrive! We tried to remind the waiters/waitresses but we seemed to be ignored most of the time. The seat was too far and no one noticed our corner! Even when they passed by our corner they still tend to ignore us when we call! What is wrong? Service wise, not that good?

Cheesy Pork Lasagne (RM 26)
It is filled with minced pork cooked with tomato and fresh herbs, bechamel sauce and topped with loads of cheese
There were different opinions on this.

Let's start with me. "It was not cheesy enough for me and the porky taste was a little strong... well, maybe because of my porky burger that was lingering in my mouth!" I never really liked lasagne so my opinion doesn't really matter, I think :((

My sister thinks it was not cheesy enough... obviously we are super cheese lover! Overall she thinks it was just so so!

My hubby thinks that it was too cheesy and the taste of the pork was not strong enough! I have no idea why he wanted a stronger porky taste! lol. He gave this a thumbs up.

Piggies rolling in the mud (RM 26)
Another creative name!
Crumbed pork cutlet topped with mild Japanese curry and mozzarella cheese, served over a bed of fragrant rice
My friend ordered this at a Western Restaurant! Yea, he's a typical Chinese who loves Asian food and Vegetarian... lol. So there was a lot of veggies on the side for him! It was not that great...just normal.

My sister and I busy taking pictures when hubby was driving
Hubby was a little annoyed at the number of times I asked him to retake photos!
Trying to make him get used to this :)) *evil grin*