Review: BeautyMate Natural Care Moisturizing Peeling Gel

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today's review will be on BeautyMate's Peeling Gel. I have been using this for three months now. I use it once or twice a week (depends on my mood) after cleansing my face.

The packaging looks nice. I bought it for RM 29.90 for 100ml.

The product is gel like. It is milky/clear coloured. It has a very light flowery scent.

As per instruction, apply on dry face and massage gently until debris is produced. Then rinse it off. My face feels a little tight, after rinsing. I think it is a little drying but it leaves my skin soft and smooth. The product is a little similar to Cure Natural Aqua Gel. The consistency is similar but after massaging, the debris is different. Cure does not have any scent to it.

The gel is thicker and it feels a little sticky

:) Scent is nice
:) Makes my skin feels smooth and soft
:) I like the packaging
:) Very affordable

:( The gel left my face a little tight
:( The gel did not brighten my face (as compared to Cure Natural Aqua Gel)

Rating: 3/5
Repurchase: Maybe (depends on my

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