Dubu Dubu @ Sunway Pyramid

Monday, March 10, 2014

This is the name of the Korean Restaurant, Dubu Dubu
Okay... This may be a little bias... I went in to this Korean Restaurant just to try. I love to go for Korean food because of the side dishes. I always refill the side dishes... I mean I always refill the delicious ones :)) Guess what? I have never been to a Korean restaurant that does not offer free refill for the side dishes... OMG! I saw on the very right hand bottom corner in a very very small print that there will be RM2 charges per refill and I cannot help it but roll my eyes >,<

Maybe it was just my perception that Korean restaurants always have free refill... I don't want to sound so cheap la... but it had always been this way. When I was in Australia, all the Korean restaurants offered unlimited refill for side dishes. Then the other Korean restaurants I went to in JB, Subang and KL also offered unlimited refill for side dishes. Of course, I will not refill if the side dish was not what I fancy. I don't really like to waste food... I try not to waste food la...

The menu was kind of limited... Only a few pages...
Ok.. Enough with the side dishes. So I looked at the menu and decided on what I want. The food came really fast. Not a very crowded place anyway.

Hubby ordered a Seafood Ramen (RM 16.90 for a la carte)
The Ramen was spicy when it was still hot. Hubby think there was a lot of ajinomoto. A little salty as well. The clams were so small... to the point hubby almost could not see the clam. It was so tiny. I forgot to snap a pic o.o
These were what my sister and I ordered.
It looks the same!
Close up of the Chicken Cheese Soondubu Jigae and Kimchi Chicken Soondubu Jigae (RM 16.90 each) 
We ordered a set so there were three side dishes and a rice. The rice was kind of special. I have never seen this kind of rice before... I know I sound stupid >.<

There was nothing special about the side dishes... It was not really nice so I am not willing to pay extra for a refill and even if the refill was free, I don't think I'll need a refill. 

I ordered the Chicken Cheese Soondubu Jigae. The soup was a little salty and spicy. The chicken was not really good. It has some sort of weird taste. Maybe it was not fresh. I was looking around for the cheese... I cannot really taste the cheese! That was disappointing :( I was digging around the bowl looking for cheese. That was rude... I had to stop doing that to avoid stares *look around me quickly* Then I noticed one or maybe two of the staff there keep staring at me. I feel uncomfortable and look at them but they continue looking so what can I do?

My sister's Kimchi Chicken Soondubu Jigae was very similar to mine. She will not recommend it and definitely will not go back!

The taste of the food was just normal so for the price it is not worth it. We will not recommend the food here to our friends and family.

Don't trust me? Visit my sister's site for her review on Dubu Dubu!


  1. been craving for Korean food since i don't know when and i haven't get ,my craving fix yet, and now looking at your food post, it just makes me even hungrier! *stomach growls*

  2. Thank you for the comment :)
    If you know any great Korean Restaurant, do share with me :)