798 Shabu Shabu @ Sunway Pyramid

Sunday, April 6, 2014

I had always wanted to try this but every time I went, I had never entered the place successfully. Well, hubby never really liked steamboat. Then every time I wanted to go in, I had to think of excuses to make hubby change his mind. Every time I failed! So I thought, I should ask my sister. She goes for steamboat a lot... So I thought I could finally try the steamboat buffet!!! When we were at the entrance, my sister looked at the menu and the PRICE stood out to her. In the end she said no! I was so sad...

It seems to be impossible for me to enter this place lol. Maybe there was a spell "Do not enter" casted there lol

I was feeling a little down and had a very annoyed face because I was thinking a lot. We were on the way out for a movie to Sunway Pyramid. Hubby wanted to watch 300: Rise of an empire. Hubby looked over and asked why I was so annoyed. I kept quiet because I was not sure what was in my mind. Hubby asked me what I wanted to have for brunch. *lightbulb mode on - as though a brilliant idea came*

I looked over and said I wanted steamboat buffet! YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!
Finally broke the "Do not enter" spell!

I finally broke the spell and entered this place!

The price for the buffet lunch is RM 29.80++ per person.
The price for the buffet dinner is RM 39.80++ per person

Cover of the menu

The menu is actually quite creative in my opinion.
7 types of meat, 9 types of soup and 8 types of sauces (name of restaurant)

The choices of meat were beef, chicken, pork, dory fish, lamb, abalone and venison slices.

There are daily special soups and main soups.
The main soups are pork bone clear soup, tom yam soup, pepper soup and herbal soup.
The dailies soup are Bak Kut Teh Soup, Spicy Soup, Kimchi Soup, Miso Soup and Winter Melon Soup (listed in order from Monday to Friday and Mystery Soup on Saturday/Sunday)

 The sauces available were spicy & sour sauce, Thai '2S' sauce, bean curd sauce, dark soy sauce, peanut sesame sauce, chilli oil sauce, green spicy sauce and 798 Suki Sauce.

There were wide varieties of mushrooms, vegetables, noodles and fishballs. I forgot to take a picture of the veggies and noodles selection. So sorry. I guess I was too excited and hungry!

The soup base came when I was still shopping for the sides.

Hubby ordered a pork bone clear soup. There was a really big chunk of pork bone in there! I personally think the soup was better than Jiro Shabu @ Taipan.

I ordered for herbal soup. I think it was not herbal enough but still ok la...

The meat were in the freezer (my guess) as we had to order from the waiter/waitresses. We ordered for a plate of beef (sorry >.< no picture again cause we were rushing for movie), two plates of abalone, pork and chicken slices. The meat were quite fresh except for the beef slices...

Abalone slices

Pork and chicken slices

We were very full we even skipped dinner! The price is actually cheaper than Jiro Shabu considering the amount of meat we had here... Quality wise, I think Jiro Shabu was better. The ice cream machine was broken when we were there *a big turn off*. The  drinks were quite limited. I almost forgot about the ice cream and drinks corner. Lol

We rushed off to watch 300: Rise of an empire. The movie was ok... A bit violent but the girl in the movie damn hot!

I actually took a picture horizontally but stupid me didn't notice my finger was in the picture! So I only had this picture left and the hot girl cut out from the picture... Sien lo

Thank you for reading.

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