Review: Echoice Apple Cleansing Gel

Sunday, June 26, 2016


Apple Cleansing Gel

HKD 19


Everything was written in Korean so I had to turn to Mr. Google
Information taken from this page.

Botanicals and plant-based cleansers exfoliate and deeply clean the skin
Refines, brightens and deeply cleanses skin

Apply right amount onto dry face
After 1-2 minutes, soluble gel melt by body temperature and water appears, massage gently.
Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water

 My thoughts
I am not going to lie. I bought this because it is so cheap!

Simple tube packaging

It has a very light refreshing apple scent

Milky light gel texture and easy to spread

To  be honest, I did not like this cleansing gel at all at first!
I started using this 24 July 2015
I am not used to using cleansing gel...
It does not lather up at all...
I just feel that my face is not clean... lol
It feels a little like Cetaphil cleanser... I tried my sister's twice and it does not lather up as well...

After using this for more than two weeks, I got used to it...
I did not follow the directions... I use it like a normal cleanser... lol
I tried washing some makeup off my hands with it and surprisingly it removes most makeup except for mascara and lip tints.
I double cleanse so it is not a big deal...
My face does not feel squeaky clean anymore... lol
It is very gentle for my skin but my skin does feel a little tight afterwards

This is a pretty decent cleansing gel.
It did not prevent breakouts or improve my skin condition.

I love the light refreshing scent
Cleansing power is good
Gentle on skin

Takes some time to get used to cleansing gel
Did not prevent breakout or improve skin condition
My skin feels a little tight after cleansing

No, I will continue my quest to find the perfect cleanser

I do not recommend this to those with dry to extremely dry skin as it can be a little drying.
No harm trying this as it is so cheap right?
If it is not suitable for you, you can use it for your body >,<
I think this will work for those with combination or oily skin.

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