Review: My Scheming Grape Seed Instant Brightening Mask

Friday, July 17, 2016

My Scheming

Grape Seed Instant Brightening Mask

RM 19.80

10 sheet masks in a box
30ml in each sachet

Oligomaric Proanthocyanidin, the main ingredient if grape seed extract possesses good effects on preventing and smoothening wrinkles and restraining aging. Grape seed extract is a good anti-oxidant and stabilizes collagen. Natural plant extracts are added in the mask to enhance and supplement skin moisture which maybe lost in the day.

Leave the mask for 20-30 minutes


My thoughts

Simple and cute packaging

It has a light scent.
It reminds me of the purple vitagen

The mask is quite thin. It tears easily.

The sheet mask fits my face pretty well except the mouth area. The essence is clear and very watery. After removing the sheet mask, my face slimy. Lol. It is not sticky. The essence was absorbed almost instantly. It is moisturizing for my dry skin and it makes my skin soft and smooth. As for the brightening, I did not think it is obvious. It provides decent hydration. I am starting to love this brand!

Light sweet scent
Zero stickiness
Makes skin smoother and softer
Decent hydration
No allergic reaction

Tears easily

I will repurchase this because it is so affordable and I like it

I think this is worth a try for those who do not have sensitive skin
Not suitable for... I am not sure... LOL

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