Review: Annecy 14 Days Innocent White Brightening Bubble Mask

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hello ^^

Bubble mask... hmmm...
I tried the tester at Mannings during my Hong Kong trip and like the feeling so I bought it...
Let's see how well my skin likes this

The first bubble mask I bought


14 Days Innocent White Brightening Bubble Mask

HKD 69.90


Our innovative formula with double hyaluronic acid creates a moisture barrier and penetrates deep into skin, hydrating your skin from inside out.
Swiss whitening ingredient Arbutin reduces melanin formation and helps to lighten spots and whiten skin after 14 consecutive days
Contains black tea enzyme formula to brighten skin and leaving it with a rosy, healthy inner glow.
Luxurious natural black pearl extract from Tahiti enhances skin rejuvenation, turning back the clock
* Free from GMO products or mineral oil

o Soft foamy texture, whitens skin and clears blackheads
o Exfoliates dead skin cells, brightens and nourishes dull and uneven skin tones
o Minimises pores and clears skin

It comes in a simple pump bottle, nothing fancy

The bubble mask when I pumped it out

When I spread it

When I massage, the bubbles formed

Dispense desired amount onto palms. Apply on cleansed face and gently massage until bubbles are formed. After 10-15 minutes, rinse well with water or cleanser. Due to the product nature, it is normal that small amount of bubbles will form at the nozzle after use.

I hope this is clear enough

My thoughts
I like this when I tried the tester... Hopefully it works...

Simple pump packaging

It has a light scent.

Heavy cream kind of texture that bubbles up after a while

When you pump it out it is cream like but once you start massaging it, it turns bubbly... It is a little ticklish when I left it on for 10 minutes. Since this is the first time I tried bubble mask it is quite fun... It is easy to wash off. After using this mask my skin was smoother and softer to touch. However, it left my skin a little tight and dry. I tried using it for three consecutive days but it left my skin very dry... My nose started flaking... So I tried using it every alternate days... No, it is still drying for my skin. It did not brighten my skin (maybe because I did not follow the instructions)

Feels gentle on skin
Fun to use
Easy to wash off

Left my skin tight and dry with continuous use
Did not do what it claims

No way!

I do recommend this to those who has oily skin
Not suitable for those with dry skin

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