Product Empties #9

Sunday, May 28, 2017

Who is ready for another empties post?
Well, ready or not here it goes... lol
What is the point in asking anyway...

Well, there is a mix of everything, well, almost!
Mostly skincare products...

Let's take a close look at the items!

Watsons Rose Scented Shower Gel

I like the smell and that is it~~~
I like it to be honest but when I looked at the ingredients... SLS and fragrance is there!
Well, most shower gels and shampoos have those so what's the big deal?
I used to think like that but when I started to read more on the ingredients, I changed my mind.

Repurchase: Not going to happen
Recommendation: For those with a tight budget

La Biostetique Shampooing Lipokerine B

This has a nice scent that is not too strong. It is easy to dispense and lather which I like. I like this but it does not prevent dandruff or itchiness. The price is a little steep for me.

Repurchase: No
Recommendation: For those without dandruff problems

Missha Perfect Eyebrow Styler

I like this. One of my first eyebrow pencil. The price is affordable. I did not finished using it. It fell out and I lost it. I cannot really remember how it happened but it is gone! This can be refilled but no thank you. I like you but I think I will try some other ones. Maybe one day I will come back to you. lol

Repurchase: Maybe
Recommendation: For anyone

Ludeya Pro Ex Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum

This is sticky upon application. Once absorbed, stickiness is minimal. It has a light scent. My skin loves this more than I had expected. I did not use any other serum when I started using this. I did see improvements in my skin. Love this!

Repurchase: Yes
Recommendation: For those with dry to extremely dry skin

Indeed Laboratories Vitamin C Cream

I wanted to love this so badly but it is not for me! I noticed that it stings my skin on several occasions. It did irritate my skin and broke me out so I knew this is not for me. I love the powdery finish this gives and how soft and smooth my skin feels. I saw great reviews on this and had high hopes for this. Maybe this will work for you.

Repurchase: No
Recommendation: Worth a try but I do not recommend this to those with sensitive skin

Sothys Instant Radiance Ampoule

I received this as part of a facial packaged I bought. It is RM 49 which is super expensive for me! Did not like the packaging. Scent is pretty strong, and it reminds me of those typical shampoos or shower gels. It is extremely watery. Sticky upon application but minimal stickiness once absorbed. My skin looks pretty good after using this. More radiant than it had been in a while. Brighter, softer and smoother skin

Repurchase: Not likely as it is expensive
Recommendation: Worth a try if you are not on a tight budget

It's Skin Power 10 VC Effector

The texture was surprisingly watery. It has a strong alcohol scent. It feels like water but it is actually oily after application. It took a while to be absorbed into the skin. My skin did feel a little itchy but there was no redness or bumps. I think this is not suitable for me.

Repurchase: No way
Recommendation: Avoid this

Sulwhasoo Snowise Ex Whitening Serum

My second sample. It has a slight herbal scent. It is a clear watery gel essence. It is easy to spread. It sinks into the skin pretty fast but it did left a sticky feel. I like it. I manage to use it twice only. I think my skin likes this.

Repurchase: I might purchase the full size if I have the extra money
Recommendation: I do not recommend this to those with oily skin as I find it a little heavy

Duplair W Ceramide Lotion

This toner provides decent hydration and has a light scent. It is sticky. Quite similar to the other Japanese Lotions I had tried.

Repurchase: No, this is more expensive than my Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner
Recommendation: Worth a try but not my favorite

Combos Skin Collagen Anti-Aging Eye Mask

This is affordable and provides decent hydration. 
It is sticky after application. The scent is so strong! 

Repurchase: No, not my cup of tea
Recommendation: Worth a try for those with a tight budget

Etude House Vanilla Moist Eye's Cream

I like the packaging because you can apply the eye cream directly without using fingers. 
It did not help in any way! It actually did more harm than good... 

Repurchase: No way
Recommendation: I do not recommend this

That's all for now.
Thanks for reading, as always!

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