First impressions + Mini reviews (3)

Monday, October 23, 2017

Mini reviews for products that I had tried recently.

Touch in Sol Pure Dew Water Drop BB Cream

I think it is easy to apply.
It has a very watery texture just like the name suggest.
I feel that it is hydrating.
It feels like an essence and moisturizer more than just BB cream.

Quite good to be honest but it is a little pale
It glides easily on the skin. 
I find the coverage to be low.
It gives the dewy look. 
Not too sure about lasting power as I do not use makeup for extended period of time.
Make up is not really my thing.
Most of the time makeup last for a good few hours before I remove them. lol


Naris Up Hyaluronic Acid Skin Conditioner

This is pretty similar to the Collagen one I tried before.

To be honest, I did not feel that it is different than the previous one.
The scent is light.
No allergic reaction of any sort.
It is actually the stickiest I had tried so far.

This is one of the cheapest skin conditioner I had tried so far.
If I see this on promotions, I might repurchase this!


Skin Life Medicated Acne Care Foaming Facial Wash

This is probably my favorite cleanser by far.
At first, I did not notice anything from using this.
After a while, I notice that it did help to prevent acne.
It really did!
During the TIME of the MONTH... I did not have the usual breakouts...
It has a light scent....
Love this because it is not drying for my skin.

If I know where I can purchase this, I would definitely repurchase!


Ephina Hydration Skin Emulsion

This is quite cheap. I cannot remember how much it was exactly but I know it was cheap!
I think it has a similar scent to Hatomugi Skin Conditioner.

The ingredient list, if anyone is interested...

The opening is quite big but I have no problem controlling the amount dispensed.
The emulsion is quite watery.
It is easy to spread.
It feels a little sticky and oily but my skin seems to like this.

I tried using this for a week or two...
I did not enjoy using this because of its stickiness.
I did not really use it after a while and it was sitting at the corner without any love.


TCM Mask Cordyceps Sinensis Sleeping Pack

This has a strong herbal scent.
It is ok for me.
This is very thick but still easy to spread.
It takes a while to sink in.
No irritation.
My skin looks healthier after using this but it is not my favorite.
Mainly because it feels a little heavy and oily.


That is all for now.
Thanks for reading, as always!

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