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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Went back to JB two weeks ago and had my favorite supper! Hubby normally do not allow me to eat these... There was a quota... but I think I hadalready gone over it *blush* Maybe this is the last time this year month week? Need to refresh the quota soon... See if I could re-negotiate the terms with hubby. Lol

Supper at Permas Jaya

The next day I suddenly feel like changing my hairstyle for the first time in 20++ years. I have had almost the same hairstyle every single year. I normally just straighten my hair and rarely color my hair. So this time I decided to go for a haircut with hubby at Johor Jaya. We chose the same color. I cut my hair shorter because I have serious hair fall issues. I am so worried I will go bald soon. Lol

One picture before the hair cut. Bye bye long hair

I told the hair stylist I feel a little bit hairless (bald) at some part and pointed it out to him. So he suggested a bang. I was struggling whether I should do that but I just said yes. I kept my eyes shut because I was very worried it would be ugly. Well, it was a little funny. I looked up at the me in the mirror after a long time and kept smiling. I think I looked ridiculously funny but fresh. My head felt lighter as well... I liked the feeling.

The hair stylist was very nice. I guess he was quite experienced la so I let him decide what to do with my super unmanageable hair. He suddenly asked me whether I am a model. I was a little shocked and answered him with another question "Why do you say so?" Then he said my skin is very good so he thought I had full make up on. I told him I don't even know how to use make up. So he was really surprised and asked me what cleanser (brand) I use and complimented my skin. I feel very flattered. I think the amount of time I spend on my face every single day has been paid off :))))

A few pictures...
Took this at home..

Took in the car
Selfie in car

The hair color is not that obvious indoor and maybe it is the lighting. I actually like the color. At least can see la but most people just look at my bangs and go OMG! Haha.

Taken at one city... The color is actually quite obvious :)

The lighting in the room make my hair color so obvious. Super like :)

I finally make a big change to my hair. I think... A lot of my friends say I look younger and cuter *blush* and some of my relatives think I look like my sister more... I actually want to look more mature but I forgot to mention that. Never mind, next time I will remember to tell the hair stylist that.

Thank you for reading.

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