Restoran HKDS @ Mount Austin

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

We have been eating out a lot recently.
We tried a new place for brunch today.

Time for dim sum!

The place was full almost every time we passed by!

Rice Noodle Roll (Prawn & Barbecue Pork)
豬腸粉 (蝦&叉燒)

RM 6

This was really good.
It was soft, smooth and flavorful.
It did not have a strange smell to it unlike those we tried else where.

Barbecue Pork Bun

RM 5

I like the fillings.
The bun itself was a little hard.
Not too bad but it was a little disappointing as it was a signature dish.

Steamed bun with custard and egg yolk filling

RM 6.50

The bun was pretty soft.
It was not salty at all.
It taste a little sweet.
Pretty good!

Sweet and sour tofu skin roll

RM 5.50

Hubby said it was normal but I like it.

Mushroom chicken and rice in stone bowl

RM 6.80

The staff told us the portion is big but when it came it was small to us.
It was special so we ordered this.
The fillings were just normal.
It had glutinous rice on the bottom.
It was kind of confusing. 
I mean the taste. 

To be honest, we were disappointed in this

Fresh shrimp in beancurd skin rolls

RM 6.50

This is decent.
I did not eat this.
As per hubby and his sister, they had better ones at a cheaper price.

Celery Tofu Bu

(Sorry for the blur pics, I was too hungry)

RM 5.80

The taste of celery was a little overpowering.
I did not enjoy this because I never enjoyed celery anyway.
Hubby and his sister finds it acceptable but not their favorite.

Traditional glutinous rice with chicken

RM 4.80

This is average.
We did not enjoy this as much.
We had better ones before.

Pan fried pork soup dumplings (pork)
生煎小籠包 (豬肉)

RM 10.90

I love this one!
The thickness was perfect. The juice did not leak out.
It was so sweet.
I love the filling.
I totally recommend this!

This place is almost always full.
It takes some time for the food to arrive
Service was pretty good.
Will definitely return when I have dim sum cravings!

Restoran HKDS
No. 35, Jalan Austin Heights 3/1,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100, Johor Bahru

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