Review: My Scheming Hyaluronan Hydrating Mask

Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Scheming

Sakura Lightening Mask

RM 19.80

10 sheet masks in a box
30ml in each sachet

Hyaluronan's excellent moisturizing power helps to form strong protective water net on skin surface, hydrating factors penetrate through skin cuticle, effectively supply hydration deep into skin. It helps to enhance skin brightness, keep skin hydrated & silky smooth.


My thoughts

Simple and cute packaging

It has a fairly light scent.
Typical sheet mask kind of scent... lol...

The mask is super thin. I love silk mask because it fits my face really well and it almost feels like second skin. Despite the fact that it is extremely thin, it does not tear easily.

The sheet mask fits my face pretty well except the mouth area. The essence is clear and watery. It is a little sticky. The essence was absorbed pretty quickly. It makes my skin so soft and smooth. It provides decent hydration. Oh, my skin was brighter too! Overall, this is good!

Light scent
Makes skin smoother, softer and brighter
Great texture
Decent hydration


High chance to repurchase this!

Highly recommend this sheet mask!
Overall, I had positive experience with the sheet masks from My Scheming

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