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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hello hello!

Back to share some products I have been using recently.

Duplair W Ceramide Lotion

I just wanted to try all those big bottle of toners! lol
It provides decent hydration.
The scent is very light.
It is sticky but did not break out my skin:)

The opening was a little big so it is easy to over dispense the toner.
Well, at least for me...


Holika Holika Juicy Shine Lip Balm(No. 3 Grapefruit)

I totally love the scent!
Smells exactly like grapefruit.
It glides on very easily and give your lips a light red tint.

I love that there is a hint of color for my lips.
It smears very easily.
It does not last very long.
There is a layer of the lip balm on my lips and it is slightly sticky.

Overall, I like this better than the previous lip balms I had tried.
I might repurchase but let's see how long this will last.


Pobling Mini Ion Applicator

I bought this last year, I think.
I used it a lot the first few weeks and now...
I seldom use it.

It is ok.
I like using it around my eye areas to help absorb the eye creams
I did not use it enough to decide whether it is good or bad...
Well, it's ok, I guess


Naris Up Collagen Skin Conditioner

This was on promotion.
I shared this with my sisters just because I love to try new skincare products.

It is similar to Naturie Hatomugi Skin Conditioner.
The scent is light.
It feels refreshing on my skin.
I like it.

The opening is a little smaller than Naturie's, well, in my personal opinion
It is easy to control the amount of product poured out.


Ludeya Pro Ex Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Serum

I bought this for RM 20  when it was on clearance sales.
Yes. I was not sure whether I would like this because I did not enjoy the red one (link here)

This has a thicker gel consistency.
It is easy to spread.
Thankfully, this has a very light scent!

Ooh, my hand looks fat.
It takes a while for the serum to sink in.
I actually like this more than I had expected.
It is a little sticky at first but one it sinks into the skin, stickiness is minimal.

This is decent. I love the extra hydration I get from this serum.
It did not harm my skin in any way... so... it is pretty good, I guess.
I have been using this since I opened with switching to any other serum.


That is all for now...
Take care and enjoy pampering your skin!

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