Review: Macqueen New York Mineral CC Cushion Cover Plus

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

This is the first time that I am blogging about make up...
I do not own a lot of makeup.
Just because I do not have the skill... lol
I want to learn so I bought this thinking this should be easier than foundation.
I am not sure... just my thought when I wanted to buy this... haha

Cushion foundation, BB cushion, CC cushion...
It seems like the same thing to me...
I am not well educated in terms of makeup... lol

I just wanted to try and this was one of the cheapest I could find!

I had never heard of this brand before but I saw a few positive reviews on these so I bought it...
It comes with a refill as well!
There are two shades available, 21 and 23...
I bought shade 23 because it is darker

Macqueen New York

Mineral CC Cushion Cover Plus

USD 14.28

13g + 13g

Information taken from here

Higher moisture coverage than previous CC cushion
Color control system with natural color change depending on body temperature
Apply on bare face while tapping gently for fair looking silky skin tone
Bamboo extract with cool texture refresh pores and sebum
Moisture from inner, improved disadvantages of CC cushion
Hot spring water provide rich moisture preventing grease
SPF50+ PA+++

Use ruby-cell puff inside to apply and tap on the face. For higher coverage, reapply on top.


My thoughts
I want flawless skin!
This is my first cc cushion so I cannot compare this...

I like the packaging.
It is white, clean, light, compact and portable.
It comes with a thin puff

The scent is very light...

Good coverage... It can cover up pores!

Can see the difference right?
The shade is too light for me...

Let's see if it can cover the eyeliner up!

You can still see the eyeliner there...
I covered it once only...
So for better coverage just reapply!

It is a little hard to get the foundation at first. You need to press very hard until it seep through from the bottom. A little of the product goes a long way. I like that it has SPF in it. I chose the darker shade but I still think that it is too light on my skin. The foundation last quite a long time and I do not need to reapply. It does not make my skin dry and my skin feels soft and smooth. My skin looks better in pictures... lol. I like it! Baby sis said that my skin looks so smooth after using this. I am so happy to hear that! I did not like the patting motion to be honest! It is so tiring... and I just feel like using a bigger sponge or brush but then it will defeat the purpose of this CC cushion... It seems to take forever to apply... lol
Maybe it is just me... The laziness in me...

Does not dry out my skin
Coverage is good
Contains SPF
Long lasting

Difficult to get the foundation
Tapping is so tiring
Limited shade and darkest shade is still too light

Maybe... I am not sure but I like it...

I recommend this to those with dry and fair skin. It is worth a try.
Not suitable for darker skin tone... like me! lol

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