My Wedding - Part 3

Thursday, February 13, 2014

We finally get our photo albums in December! They were very very heavy mainly because of the crystal cover.

I really look different with make up. Lol. I received so many positive comments. Mostly... I do not look like Chinese... and I look pretty (blush)

Thank you. I think maybe I should learn how to make up... *Quickly go YouTube and learn!*

Here are some pictures from my pre wedding album:

Warm feeling!
I love this... My baby is with us... Looks like a happy family here :)
She is pretty also right?
Got feel leh? I love the long veil.. so pretty :))
This one also nice... Not bad right?
A lot of my friends were doubtful of the quality when I told them I signed a package in Seremban... Well, I totally understand that! I was a little worried (>.< maybe I was very worried) about this before I saw my pictures. Lol

Since I already tried, I know now... the quality in Seremban is also ok de!

Since I was already at the bridal studio, the staff asked if I wanted to try the gowns for the actual day. Yay :) I can choose different gowns...

The lightest ever...
Of course, they took my measurements again... This time my measurement all shrunk!!! I lose weight a few weeks ago because I was sick... My gosh... I cannot believe I am so flat now (blush)...

This time I tried about 18 gowns... These gowns are all different from the ones I tried for photo shoot... So nice... I could try on so many gowns. I do not feel tired at all! Haha :) No make up and contact lenses so ignore my face... Just focus on the gowns!
I like the color but it is just too loooong!
I like the long tail...
I love the back view of this dress...
I really love this gown. It is simple, lacey and nice. I just wish the tail could be longer.
My sisters all prefer this gown. It is also very nice! 
This time I was a little more picky.  The staff helped me choose a few to let me try first... Then I kept going back to choose new gowns... I think I went back four or five times... Just to make sure I did not miss any nice gowns... haha

I believe I definitely spent longer this time trying to choose what I really want and be completely satisfied with my choice. At least I did not call them the next day or later on telling them I want to change one of the gowns... I think I took around two hours trying 18 gowns and more than 30 minutes deciding which one I want. I can only choose 1 wedding gown and 2 evening gown... So I had to choose carefully :)

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