Review: Petitfee 98% Collagen & Co Q10 Hydro Gel Essence Eye & Spot Patch

Friday, July 3, 2015

Anyone heard of this brand before?
I have NEVER heard or seen it before...
Somehow I was attracted to it...

The culprit!

It was sitting there on the shelf...
I heard it calling my name...
I picked it up obediently... lol


98% Collagen & Co Q10 Hydro Gel Essence Eye & Spot Patch


30 pairs of eye masks and 30 spot patches

I found the small spatula in the box...
It is easy (and more hygienic) to scoop out the patches!

The product was sealed really nicely

Information taken from

* Collagen & Co Q10 Hydro Gel Essence Eye & Spot Patch are infused with extracts of natural flower plants. Our products carry these plants essences directly to the skin to encourage health and reveal true and lasting beauty.
* Concentrated essence for high absorption
* Rich moisture and instant soothing elastic effect
* Soluble patch with essence content becomes thinner over time
* Natural content gel mask type

The eye patches and spot patches soaked in essence!


After cleansing and toning face apply patch for 30 minutes
Melt used patch in warm water and use as treatment on face or body

The eye patch up close
Sorry for scaring you... if I did >,<

My thoughts
I think the product is affordable.

The packaging is simple. I like the fact that the spatula is provided. It is much more hygienic to remove the patches with the spatula. The patches were exposed to the air (including dust, germs and other stuff) every time I used the patches. This cannot be avoided because the patches were not packed individually.

The scent is a little strong. I can smell it the entire time during application. It smells like perfume... I think... I am bad at recognizing scents >,<

The texture is quite fun... It is a little like jelly (or agar-agar)...

The eye patches kind of irritated my eyes during the first few applications. I think my eyes got used to the patches after that... So I continued using them,.. It did give a cooling feeling. I think the patches did not do anything to my dark circles or fine lines... It did felt a little moisturized and hydrated. At the same time, it also left a sticky feeling which I did not like... The shape of the eye patches did not exactly fit my eyes well.

The spot patch is pretty big as well... It did not do anything to the pimples so I am not sure what I should do with it... The pimples are not soothed or appear less red... It did not provide hydration or anything at all... lol

Soothes the under eye area (from cooling effect)
Texture is fun

Scent is a little strong
Did not do anything to the dark circles or fine lines
Left a sticky feeling
Shape of the patches did not exactly fit
Provides little hydration

I don't think so!

If you are looking for cheap eye mask, you can try this
I do not recommend this to people with sensitive eyes or those looking to reduce the dark circles or fine lines

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