Review: Timeless Truth Platinum Diamond Glow Ultra Moisturizing Mask

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Timeless Truth

Platinum Diamond Glow Ultra Moisturizing Mask


10 sheets in a box
25ml in each sachet

Since I cannot find any information on this, here is a picture for those who can read Chinese!

The sheet mask!

My thoughts
My favorite brand!

Simple, cute and classy packaging >,<

It has a slightly stronger perfume kind of scent

The sheet mask is very thin and smooth but tears easily.

The sheet mask fits my face very well. After removing the mask, I can see a lot of essence on my face...  When I tap the essence, it is sticky. The essence is clear and runny. It absorbs really fast and it is no longer sticky! Hydration is great for my skin. I love how soft, smooth and healthy my skin feels after removing the mask! It did not irritate my skin at all even when my skin was a little sensitive (due to external factors)! I love this one too! I did not notice any brightening effect with one usage...

Makes skin, softer and smoother
Provides great hydration for my skin
Absorption rate is really fast
Minimal stickiness when tapping, zero stickiness after absorption
No allergic reaction

Scent is slightly stronger
Tears easily

Of course!

I strongly recommend this to everyone who wants to try out some new sheet masks!
Not suitable for those who do not like strong scents

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