Review: 3W Clinic Phyto Stem Cell Anti-Age Essence

Thursday, September 1, 2016

3W Clinic

Phyto Stem Cell Anti-Age Essence

RM 39


Regeneration energy of plant stem cells takes care of skin aging by reinforcing skin's own natural ability and makes skin lively by strengthening its anti-aging ability
This anti-wrinkle essence contains adenosine, an anti-wrinkle substance and solves lowering of skin elasticity and wrinkles, leaving it resilient and healthy
It combats all your skin concerns such as dullness, lowering of elasticity and dryness caused over time at once, leaving it new and beautiful

After using toner, gently apply its appropriate amount

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My thoughts

It comes in a dark green glass, pump packaging.

It has a strong perfume scent.
I hate it!

The essence has a clear gel texture.
It is easy to spread

It feels a little heavy on my skin. I believe this can last me for about three months (generous applications). After applying it is a little sticky. It takes a long time to be completely absorbed so my skin remains sticky. I think it provides decent hydration. As for the claims, I think it takes some time to see the results... My skin did improve a little (but not obvious) after using it for more than one month but I cannot be sure. When I use this, I notice that there will be a few big whiteheads around my nose area. My skin seems to be a little oily when I use this. It did not cause any major breakouts other than whiteheads. I stopped using it as it is not suitable for me.

No allergic reaction
Easy to spread
Improve skin condition over time

Very sticky
Strong scent

No, thank you.

I think this is worth a try as it is very affordable but I personally did not enjoy using this

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