Review: My Beauty Diary Bird's Nest Mask

Sunday, November 13, 2016

A reader recommended this to me so I had to try this!

My Beauty Diary

Bird's Nest Mask

Cannot remember =.=

10 sheets in a box
23ml in a sachet

Description (taken from this website)
Contains extracts from both bird's nest and deep sea coral that indulge your skin with extravagant skin care without the high cost. Deeply improve the moisturization of skin and deliver an abundance of nutrients to calmdryness and the appearance of fine lines, roughness and lack of radiance. Makes your skin feel baby soft and brightens for a healthy glow. Also contains water-soluble extracts from soy bean and rice protein that moisturize and improve skin's immunity, elasticity and clearness. Recommended for all skin types,especially dry and aging skin.

Ultra whitening, nourishing, revitalizing

Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes.


My thoughts

Simple and cute

The light sweet and fresh kind of scent. I like this!

Thin cotton sheet mask, feels smooth. 
Be gentle when unfolding the mask as it tears quite easily.

The sheet mask fits my face quite well. Surprisingly, it is not sticky. It takes a while for the remaining essence to sink in. Sometimes, I rinse with water because it has become my habit. It provides great hydration to my skin. My skin is plumpersofter and smoother. I did not see the whitening effect with one usage. It did not irritate my skin (which was already irritated - pimples all over my nose, some on the cheeks and chin area) at all which is always a good thing.

Makes skin plumper, smoother and softer
Great hydration
No allergic reaction
Light scent
Not sticky

Tears easily


I do recommend this to those with extra dry skin and those looking for extra "nutrition" for the skin

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