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Tuesday, December 12, 2016

I am finally back...
Had been a little quiet and busy recently.

Let's talk about food today!

It's been a while since I last visited Station One.
The first thing I noticed is the new menu.
Wow, this looks new...
Yes, that was exactly what I said.

The very new menu

Yes, I was looking at the menu again for no reason... lol

The place is simple and comfortable.

Food for review!

(I was not paid for this post, however I did went for the food for my review. All opinions are my own and not influenced in any way)

Thank you for the invitation!

Yestea RM6.50

Must order!
I love this... and I used to order this a lot when I was still working in KL.
As of now, I rarely hang out at cafes, so not so much now.

Brings back the memories in Subang...

Rose Bud Tea RM13

This is ok.
I think it will be great when you want to catch up with friends for long hours...
I did not particularly enjoyed this.

Roasted rosemary chicken set RM38++

This is a Christmas set.

It comes with a Mango cream on float (RM10), Raspberry delight and Creamy mushroom soup

I totally fell in love Mango cream on float!
The top layer is coconut.
The middle layer is mango.
The bottom has sago.
I love the combination!
It is slightly chewy because of the sago.
I usually do not enjoy mango but this is simply amazing!

Ice cream with the set.

Mushroom soup with the set

Roasted garlic Butter Panini RM7

Must have garlic bread with mushroom soup. lol
If you prefer softer garlic bread, you will like this!

Strawberry Slush RM11

I love this as well.
If I have to choose between this and Mango cream on float...
It is very fruity and flavorful...
It's hard to choose but...
I will choose Mango cream on float.

Mini burger

Love that it is bite size.
Taste wise, it's not too shabby.
Hubby thinks this will go well with beer :)

Chicken Parmigiana RM25

I love cheese!
It feels like pizza because of the tomato sauce.
I like the combination of the tomato sauce and black pepper sauce along with the cheese!
I like the potato salad too!

Buffalo's wing RM19

It was not mentioned anywhere that it is spicy.
I was kind of surprised that it was spicy.
Still ok for me but not suitable for those who do not take spicy food.

Baked almond salmon steak (Honey mustard) RM33

Paired up with mashed potato and roasted vegetable
Honey mustard is quite new to us.
Surprisingly, the combination was to our liking.
The almond makes it crunchier.
Oohh, I like the mashed potato even though there is no gravy.

Salted egg yolk seafood fried rice RM16

The rice is fried with salted egg yolk only.
That is the reason why the rice is a little powdery.
Not too salty.
Taste is special.

Last of all, it is time for desserts!


 Oreo cheesecake

I love this.
It's good!
I think it is cheesy enough...

Blackforest cake

I did not like this as much.
Nothing much to say about this.

Overall experience was not bad.
The place is simple and comfortable.
Food is not bad.
Oh, I love the mango drink!

Found any interesting food here?
Feel free to go to Mount Austin and check it out!

For more info, visit the fb page

Station One Leisure Cafe
No 32A & 36, Jalan Austin Height3/2
Taman Mount Austin
81100, Johor Bahru
Tel: 07-3647925

Open everyday from 11am to 1am

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