Disappointing Products #4

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Etude House Vanilla Moist Eye's Cream

To be honest, I bought this for the packaging. It is not my favorite eye cream. I like the design and packaging but I do not think it helps in any way.

I like the texture and how quickly this sinks into my skin. Been using this for a few months without any results... Suddenly I noticed that it did more harm than good.
I think it did give me some milia seeds...


Canmake Creamy Touch Rouge #1  Marshmallow Pink

I wanted to love this so badly but... I cannot! I love the color payoff when I swatch it on my hands but when I use it on my lips, it was awful. There was a layer of the lipstick on my lips that feels like crayon and it just does not work for me. It slides around a lot and does not look good for me. I wanted to love this brand but sorry, this did not work for me.


Skinfood Pearl Creamy Under Eye Pencil

I wanted to love this as well. This was not that bad but it chips off pretty easily. I like how it brightens my dull eyes but I rarely use this. It is not bad to be honest but I find it hard to completely remove this maybe because there is glitter? Well, worth a try but no, I will not use this anymore.


Banila Co The Black 17 Sleeping Pack

Bought this during my Hong Kong trip.
Sis told me she saw great reviews so I bought it...
Somehow I am attracted to black skincare products...
Like the black sheet masks... and the cleanser from Elizavecca...
I love this when I saw that it is blueish black... lol

The texture was so fun.
Pudding like kind of texture...
Yes, I love the texture and colour so I thought I would love this!

It is easy to spread but it took forever to sink into my skin...
I hate that it is so sticky...
My skin just hate this one...
I used it a few times and never touched it again!


I wanted to love this.
I really did.
Well, my skin was fine the first few days...
Then it reacted negatively to it.
There was a lot of whiteheads popping up each day...
Later on I noticed some strange red bumps so I stopped using this!
I had high hopes for this!

That's all for now!
Thanks for reading, as always!