Kenting Day 2 - Part 2 | Longpan Park & Maobitou | January 2017

Sunday, April 9, 2017

This is Part 2 of our Kenting Day 2!

I personally enjoyed Kenting very much!
Read on to see some funny pics!

Longpan Park
This place has an amazing view!
It was extremely windy so our wefie turned out funny.
My hair was in total mess!
It was frustrating!
I just need a decent wefie, but it was not possible!
Happily running away from the wind because my hair was all tangled!

Hubby rode all the way back to the place we rented the scooter from to change the battery.
It was a long ride but I totally enjoyed it!
Hubby knew I enjoyed it very much...

We went back to our room to rest a little.

Light lunch before we were headed out for our next adventure!
Maobitou Park!

Actually we accidentally reached this place.
We were planning to go for lunch at Houbihu but I have no idea why the sign boards lead us there.
Anyway, it was not a big deal.

We changed our plan.

Maobitou Park entrance
There were a lot of tourists here.
We waited for a while for them to leave.
It was too bright!
My eyes...
I managed to keep an eye open!
Hubby tried to keep my hair out of the way.
A total failure.
The sun... too bright...
No idea what happened.
Laughing at nothing?
There must be something, I think.
Finally my eyes were both open,but my hair was super cooperative!
We came all the way to see this!
See this!

It was a really small and crowded place.
I did not know what else to do here...

I walked around a little but there was nothing else...
A last picture before we decided to leave.

We spent about 10 minutes here.
We took our time to walk around and took endless pictures to extend our time here.
If you do not have enough time, you can skip this place (imo)

Finally time for lunch!
NT 100

I came here all the way for this!
I love salmon, especially fresh salmon!

It was not too bad.
Quite fresh but super cheap!

After that we left.

We stopped by Nanwan Beach

Hubby could tell I was disappointed when we returned the scooter.
It was about 5pm.

We went back to our room to rest before we hit the night market again!
Our dinner that night!

The sweet potato dessert (right corner) was one of hubby's favorite kind of snack.
This was good because it was not too sweet,
Hubby enjoyed it.
NT80 was totally worth it!

We were so full!
Somehow we still managed to stuff more food after a while.
I love this!

We tried the original flavor.
Then we went out again to buy the lemon flavor.
Spent NT200 here

It was good.
I do recommend this!
All the flavors available.
Mushrooms, anyone?

I think it was not worth it.
It was just so so...
Korean style cheese chicken
I thought I would love this but sadly, no.
Looks cool...
A minions store!
We went in to take a quick look.
It was expensive...
 Fried milk
NT50 for 3
We chose 2 chocolates and one original.
Totally regret!
Not because it was awful.
We should have bought more.
Original flavor is the best!
Chocolate flavor was ok.
Nothing to shout about.
But original version was so so good!
Wild boar sausage

It was normal.
Roasted pudding

This was not as good as I had imagined...

Time to rest and hope tomorrow will be even better!


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