Tainan Day 8 | Fort Provintia | January 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017

Woke up early for breakfast
There was a morning call to remind us for breakfast.
 Hot soup
 Sandwich with egg and ham
It was not bad but it was not my cup of tea
It was super hard.
Not sure if it was too cold... haha
One last look at the view from our room before leaving.
One more selfie before we checked out

Then we went to the same bus stop 15 minutes earlier to catch the 9:45 am bus
It was the earliest bus back to Taichung that day
We had to transfer over at Puli to Taichung

We arrived at Taichung Station at 12:15 pm
We went to reload our easycard and bought mineral water
NT500 & NT27

Our train to Tainan was at 1:17 pm
NT296 (with easycard)
Well, I went to check on the bus to Tainan
It took a little longer to reach but it was much cheaper.

In the end, we decided to take the train.
The train was spacious and more comfortable than the bus...
Just my opinion.
Our luggage was at the right place.

Oh, it was not a great idea to use easycard for the train because we do not have a seat.
We moved around a lot when someone came to claim their seat.
I did not know that earlier.
If I knew it, I would have purchased the train ticket instead.
Finally reached our hotel at 3:45 pm

After we freshened up a little, we went out to search for food!
This was nearby one of the attractions that we were about to visit so we went in for food first!
Well, it was in Chinese.
I had to guess but luckily hubby knew what I wanted.
Dan zai mian

I wanted to try this.
I did my research...
So I had to try it for myself.

I like it but hubby was a little picky.
When it comes to noodles, he will be extra picky.

We shared it so we could have more food later.
Entrance fee paid!

Selfie is super important.
That concludes our visit here.

We did not spend a long time here.

We decided to head off to the night market.

On the way there, hubby ordered a milk tea NT50
Reached Xiao Bei Night Market
We were disappointed.
Nothing much here.
As the name suggest, it is small!

We went back the way we came from to look for dinner.
We found this place nearby.
Dry Yee Mian

Hubby loves this more than Danzai noodle
I did not enjoy this as much.


I think it was not bad but the flour is way too thick for my liking.
Nothing to shout about.

After dinner, it was time to shop!
One of my favorite place to shop!

I did not buy anything here.
I tried my best to only buy what I need or well, I restrict myself.

It was still early  so we decided to walk to the next night market!
We walked 45 minutes to get there!
Da Dong Night Market

This night market is more decent than the previous one!
Needed something cold to forget about the tiredness.

Ice cream
 NT15 each
Hubby ordered 3 different flavors to try
It was cute.
The taste was not bad.
Spicy oyster vermicelli
I like this.
It was nice.
It was the first time I had a spicy one!

Before walking back to our hotel, I bought a sausage NT25
It was normal.

Another 30 minutes walk!

We walked a lot here.
I was really glad when I finally reached the hotel.

The bed looks extra warm.

That was it!

Thanks for reading!


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