A trip into my wardrobe - Part 2: Accessories

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Oh, hi!
I have been a little busy organizing my room...
I love how neat my wardrobe is so I decided to declutter even more stuff!

This is also necessary because when you have too many, you would not see all of it!
I think I do not have that many but still, I think I rarely use them.
So, it is time to take a look at them!

Well, I forgot about most of the belts...
I think I did not use any of the belts for the past two years or so...
Super guilty...
I think it is better to give them away...

My belts - before

I did not wear any accessories because I kept them hidden... except my wedding ring...
I think it is time to take them out from hiding and decide which ones get to stay.
I did not think I own that many but I did!

My organizer - before
Random accessories stored in the pill box
My necklaces - before

My bracelets - before

My ear rings - before
I had no idea I owned so  many since I never really see them. lol

I started with:-
4 scarves
8 belts
2 watches
6 necklaces
3 bracelets
9 earrings
1 ring

Total: 33 items

Well, I cannot get rid of these!
Hubby bought one for me and I bought the other one myself
There is no way I am getting rid of these!

I ended up with:-
2 scarves
3 belts
2 watches
4 necklaces
1 bracelet
3 earrings
1  ring

Total: 16 items

My belts - after

My necklaces - after

My ear rings - after

Happy to keep only these...
I am still thinking of a way to organize them so I will actually see them...

At the moment I had organized some of these as below:-

If you have any tips, do let me know!
Thanks in advance.
I am going back to organize some other stuff!

See you till then :)

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