My vanity was in a mess!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Another outdated post...

Okay, if you have been reading my blog or following me on Instagram, you will know I love my skincare...
This was even more difficult than decluttering my clothes and accessories!
X 100!

Yes, I love my skincare to death. lol
I am not showing off what I own!
Just sharing my mess... hmm...
I just realize it is stressful to own so many things...
It is scary!
I even have spreadsheets to keep track of my skincare...
What items I have, the expiry dates and stuff like that...
S.T.R.E.S.S is there.
I did not even realize until now!

All the skincare and makeup products out from hiding.

I did not even realize how much money I spent on these!
It took me about 4 hours to sort and re-organize my skincare.
I did not have enough time to sort my makeup products and reorganized them.
That took another few hours... I think...

Step 1: Take everything out!

A few shots of the mess I created on 26 September 2016

My drawer was in a mess too!

So, this is how I decided to reorganized these stuff...
I did not think I will throw or give away a lot of stuff from here...
My focus is really skincare... So... It will take some time for me to change my habit...

Completely empty!

Step 2: Categorize everything!

All the hair products...

Step 3: Throw!

I did threw away a few samples that had expired...
Only a few...

Step 4: Put them back!

This was a little harder as space is limited.
I wanted to keep all the same products in the same place so I know where exactly everything is...

I decided to place the body and hair products in this corner...


And more toners!
Make up removers
Nose packs
Sunscreens, lip products, sleeping packs, peeling gels, eye masks
Mask packs, moisturizer
 Here are the products that I am currently using
Cotton buds,hand creams, essential oils, cleansing brush, nail polishes and some random stuff
Makeup products I am currently using and some perfumes hiding behind
These are the other makeup products and sponges that I am not currently using.
I decided to place this next to my vanity.
On the floor.

Yes, I do not need to buy anything for a few years, I think...
Yes, I know it is scary.

I like how everything is grouped together.
It is easier for me to find what I need.

I am trying my best to finish the products so I can use the space for some other stuff!

Ok, that's all!

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