First trimester

Thursday, April 26, 2018

On 24 March 2017, I found out I was pregnant. The doctor estimated the baby to be 4 weeks 4 days. Morning sickness already kicked in at this time. My energy level feels lower than usual. I feel tired easily and looks forward to taking naps. Before I was pregnant, I rarely took naps. My breast feels sore and my stomach feels weird. I feel the need to urinate more frequently. I do have strange cravings like fermented black beans (before I found out I was pregnant) and strawberries. I was disgusted by eggs and certain kind of fish.

On 28 March 2017, we went for a check up with the gynae that my mother in law recommends. I started taking folic acid. Morning sickness was not too bad. My weight fluctuates like the share market. lol. My weight increased after meals and dropped after going to the toilet. I eat much lesser but at a more frequent interval. I had to eat every two hours or so. At this time, I had cravings for Kettles Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips, lemon and everything that is sour.

On 8 April 2017, baby is 6 weeks 5 days (based on my app). Morning sickness was worse than previous weeks. I feel even more tired. I just want to sleep. I had cravings for mashed potatoes and spicy food. I just cannot eat tuna.
On 11 April 2017, we went to our monthly check up. Baby is 7 week 4 days according to the scan. We heard baby's heartbeat for the first time. I was pleasantly surprised. So far I did not gain weight yet. I feel bloated and gassy after meals. I feel like four or five months pregnant after meals. I would even gain up to 1kg after meals. How should I put it... Well, farting is a little out of control. I mean it stinks! I went to Mr. Google and read all those funny comments and articles. So yes, it is normal. I had cravings for Nando's chicken and potatoes of all sort. Headache is starting to kick in at this time. I feel dizzy quite frequently.

On 25 April 2017, I noticed something strange again. I was disgusted by water, especially boiled water. I can take mineral water but I just cannot drink the water that was boiled. It turns out I was not the only one after I went searching online. lol. I can eat eggs again but find potatoes a bit of a turn off. Pregnancy is just so amazing. I was turned off by my favorite food, cheesy mashed potatoes. I noticed I prefer to eat noodles over rice which is really unusual. I never really enjoyed noodles before I was pregnant. I became more emotional around this time. Sometimes, I just feel like crying for no reason. I was angry over small things but luckily hubby was very patient with me. Hubby has been making sure I am eating. He just wants to make sure I eat so he accommodates to my (crazy) cravings all the time.

I love to eat spicy food. All of a sudden I notice I cannot really take it anymore. I will have stomachache and loose stools after eating spicy food. I tried my best to stay away from spicy food for a while to see how it affect me. I do have strong cravings for steamed chicken rice from a particular stall. I mean rice, not the chicken. Somehow I stopped eating at frequent intervals. I eat regular meals and I eat more. After a while, I did notice I only eat during lunch. I did not really eat much for breakfast and dinner. I only had some biscuits in between. I just want to sleep.

On 9 May 2017, we went for our monthly check up. We saw baby moving around. It was amazing. We saw baby's heart pumping. We can even see baby's little hand and feet. I almost cried again. lol. It has been amazing even though it was only the beginning.

On 13 May 2017, before dinner, I went to the toilet. I saw brown discharge and I freaked out. When I wiped, there was nothing. When I was home, I noticed there was one drop of blood on my underwear. Nothing else. I went to Google for information and I freaked out even more because most of the websites mentioned higher chance of miscarriage and stuff like that. I became super emotional I cried when I think about it. I started wearing pads to see if there were more discharge or blood.

The next morning, I had a bad diarrhea. We went to the clinic as soon as we can to make sure baby is still doing fine. We managed to see the doctor after more than an hour of waiting. We had a scan. Baby was not as active as the previous time. I was so scared because baby was not moving at first. When the doctor tap my abdomen, baby moved. We were informed that there was slight bleeding underneath the placenta. I was given more medication and my next appointment is in 9 days. My weight dropped to 45.9kg (previously it was 47.4kg). I was advised to be more cautious and rest more.

I was relieved that baby is fine but I was still worried. I tried to eat more. We went to do some grocery shopping. I bought fruits and soy milk. I tried my best to eat more for baby. I eat more frequently so my weight will increase. I rested at home for 2 days. There was no more discharge so I went back to work.

On 17 May 2017, after lunch I went to the toilet to check because I felt that there were unusual amount of discharge. I was not wrong. There were light brown discharge and it actually covered the whole panty liner (tmi) so I panicked again. I was not sure whether I should be worried but I decided to call my mom. My mom was worried so she suggested me to go in and check on the baby. Actually my mother in law was worried and asked me to go to the clinic but I hesitated because my next appointment is in 6 days. When I was relucrant my mom asked me to call the clinic to see what the nurses will say. Well, I went to the clinic to check because the nurse suggested me to go in. When we saw the scan I was worried because baby did not move. The gynae showed us that baby is doing fine by showing us baby's heart. There were still blood underneath the placenta so I was advised to continue with the medication. My next appointment was rescheduled to a week later. I was feeling so much better now. At least, I know baby is fine.

I realized that getting enough sleep is really important. Morning sickness was not as bad when I had enough sleep. I took a lot of naps because of this reason. lol

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