Taipei Day 5 | Maokong & Fengjia Night Market | January 2017

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Breakfast was provided by our hostel, just like yesterday.
We bought two raincoats since I felt it was more convenient
NT49 each
Then we took MRT to Taipei Main Station
We needed to place our luggage here before we head over to Maokong.
We paid NT70.
The locker we chose.
It was big enough.

We took the MRT to Taipei Zoo
Then we followed the sign to Maokong gondola.
I was scared at first...
I tried to ignore it.
Focus on the view instead.
The ride was about 15 minutes.
The view was great.
It was super cold!
 We decided on this place for lunch.
No menu on the outside so we went in to see.
We wanted to try something local.
The previous shops were selling western food so we gave it a pass
It was cold.
I did not use any makeup because it was too cold.
 Fried rice with tea oil?
I think.
This was really not oily.
It was simple but I love it
 Forgot what it was...
Some kind of local veggie...
I did not enjoy it really...
Gungbao Chicken
We asked for something spicy
This was what they recommended.
It was not really spicy.
The taste is not bad la...

We spent NT500 here!
for the view...
It was too foggy...

We left after lunch by bus.
We took a bus to the nearest MRT, Wanfang Community
We went back to Taipei Main Station to get our luggage.
We lost our way.
We took a long time to finally locate our luggage.

What a maze...

We paid NT70 to get our luggage out.
I cannot remember but I think it cost NT70 for the first 3 hours and NT70 for every additional hour.
I think.

Anyway, we wanted to get out of Taipei as soon as possible.
Mainly because it was raining all the time.
We bought the bus ticket from Guoguang bus

I think it took about 2.5 hours.
After we checked in, we went for Fengjia Night Market.
This is by far my favorite night market.
The food here is just amazing.
 Taro balls
 Taro balls with salted egg yolk.
NT100 for 5 (mix)

This was hubby's favorite!
He loved it.
I only ate one.
He finished the rest.
My kind of heaven.
 I went in to shop while hubby was busy with his game.
 Oyster vermicelli
I love this more than the famous Ah Zhong MianXian
The taste is so good!
The portion is also good for us.
Spicy fishball
NT25 each
I love it so I bought another one afterwards.
It was so spicy but I love this.
I wanted more but I need to have some space for other food.
NT35 (small)

I did not really enjoyed this one.
We tried pesto flavor.
Do not recommend this.
 Fried bird eggs
Love this.
I really could eat this everyday
For health reasons, nope.
I cannot.
But this is just so good!
 Fried instant noodles
This was ok.
Not the best we had at the night market.

Hubby bought a milk tea as usual 

This is really a food heaven.
A lot of yummy food here.
A very satisfying dinner and supper!


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