Taipei Day 4 | Jiufen | January 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017

We had been to Jiufen before but I still wanted to go!
We started the day with the breakfast from the hostel - 7:30 am
It has a decent breakfast.
Hubby love the braised pork rice here. 
He said it was the best he had the entire trip.

After breakfast, we walked to Taipei Main Station (15 minutes)
Took the 8:56 am train to Ruifang
We reached before 10 am

It was raining so hubby bought an umbrella

We cross the road, walked passed a police station to get to the bus stand
Our first stop was Nanya.
The view here was breathtaking.
We were here for a while.
It was raining when we were there.
If it was not raining, the view would be even better.
Hubby loved this place.
Just let the pictures do its job...

I think that is enough.

We were stranded at this place for about one hour because we missed the bus
I was bored...
This is what I do when I am bored? Maybe

It was so cold there.
Had been waiting forever for the bus...
We finally got on the bus and decided to go to the Gold Museum.
NT 30
We changed our mind when we were there so we took the bus to Jiufen

Finally time to eat!
Wild boar sausage
NT 40
 Next up is...
 Mix Meatballs Soup
Not bad.
We saw quite a lot of people here...
Lai Ah Po Taro Balls
Ordered one taro balls
I saw a lot of blogs recommended this so I wanted to try.
I did not enjoy this at all.
Not the kind of dessert that I appreciate.
Hubby seems to like it more than me.
Took a selfie here for fun.
This time, it was not as crowded so I can move around easier.
I think I managed to cover the whole street.
I think.
Fried mushrooms
Not worth the space in my stomach.
It was better a few years back.
Now, it was just fine.
 Peanut Ice Cream
 Finally able to tried this!
This was so tasty.
I want more but I was already bloated.
Look at how efficient they are!
Peanut candy
NT10 for 2

Hubby loves this so he bought it from the store.
Spicy fish balls

The uncle selling this is really nice but the fish ball is not my cup of tea.
I had better ones in Taichung!
Near the main entrance!
Prawn balls

Hubby loves this
He highly recommends this!

This was our last stop.
We decided to go back to Taipei at about 2 pm
We took the bus to Ruifang station
Then we took a train back to Taipei
We were too tired to walk so we took the MRT to Ximen station

We went back to our hostel to shower and rest.
At about 5:30 pm, we decided to head to Taipei 101
We took the MRT from Ximen Station.
It was raining the whole day.
Our pictures did not turn out nice...
Linjiang night market
One bite dumplings
Not bad.
Pork bun
Quite nice

We spent about an hour there.
The rain ruined our mood actually...

Before leaving, hubby bought something like dorayaki
NT30 for 2
It was just ok.

We took the MRT back to Ximen station

We bought more beef from yesterday
This time we ordered a bigger portion.
This time we tried ground black pepper flavor

Hubby bought a milk tea
We bought more instant noodles...
I think I should really go to Seoul instead.
NT103 (3 cups)

Spent the night resting and packing

I still love Jiufen!


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