Kenting Day 1 | Kenting Night Market | January 2017

Sunday, March 5, 2017

The most exciting day! lol
After we settled our luggage, it was time for breakfast!
Almost every time before we leave Malaysia, we had McDonald's.
Our breakfast at 6 am.

We reached Kaohsiung International Airport on time, 12:45 pm
The first thing we did (after getting our luggage) was to get a mobile data plan
It was very important for us because we depended on Google Maps to navigate around
Hubby was in line to buy the mobile data.
There was another one next to it but it was expensive, so we decided to get this one.
We chose plan F because we were in Taiwan for 12 days.

We reloaded our Easy Card at Family Mart before leaving the airport.

We followed the MRT sign and suddenly I saw a bus outside that is heading to Kenting.
We went over to ask the bus driver some details and decided to take the bus.
Since there was still time before the bus leaves, hubby went to Family Mart to buy lunch.
Simple lunch.
Just sandwiches and milk tea.
Our seat.

This was perfect for our drinks.
Oh, our bus departed at 1:55pm
Hubby was happy for this!
He was so pleased because he was able to play game on his phone. lol
Yes, selfie on the way to Kenting.
It was a pretty long journey!
The bus offered free water for passengers, if you need it.

After about 2 hours (4pm), we reached Xiao Wan, Kenting.

We had a little difficulty finding our accommodation but all was fine.
OOTD for Day 1
Stripe cardigan, black tank top, jeans, sports shoes and my usual handbag

After we settled everything, we went out.
We need to buy some toiletries and necessities!
Mineral water
Ryo Scalp Deep Cleansing Shampoo
Perfect Bubble for Body Floral
NT 199
Senka Perfect Whip
Bought most of our stuff so we hit the night market!
Well, we were already at the night market. lol
Sweet Potato Balls
Hubby was interested in this so we ordered one 
It was not bad to be honest but we did not return for more.
Giant Hotdog
This was not as good as I thought.
The flour was too thick for my liking.
Just look at the thick layer of flour!
Moon Shrimp Cake?
Direct translation from Chinese
Shrimp cake
Hubby thinks it was not bad.
I tried some. It was fine.
Worth a try :)
Aniki Potato
This was just like normal fries.
I love potatoes so... I ordered it...
It was so expensive I nearly cried!
No, I never ordered this again!
We saw this place and decided to go in.
Hubby ordered this.
He love noodles.
He told me it was really good.
The noodle is simple but the taste is good.
The portion is big!
Braised Pork Rice
I ordered this.
It was different than the ones we were used to.
This had braised egg and tofu and the meat is somewhere in there.
Gave it a try but did not really enjoyed this.
The portion is bigger than usual as well.
For the price, it was not expensive.

We were totally bloated!

Honey Beer

It was not bad but it was not my favorite.
Hubby thinks that it was fine.
Milk Tea

To be honest, I was disappointed.
This was highly raved but I find it pretty normal.

We also bought 2 instant soups 
Hubby loves corn.
He missed the one we had at Zhiqiang Night Market (Hualien) three years ago.
This was not what he had expected. 
He did not enjoyed this at all.
He was so disappointed he kept complaining all the way back.

That was our first day in Taiwan!

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Thank you for reading, as always


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